American Tuna--Pole Caught Wild Albacore- Delicious
Lightly Salted

American Tuna--Pole Caught Wild Albacore- Delicious

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  • Varieties :Light Salted or Unsalted

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October 2017: IMPORTANT NOTICE: American Tuna Co. has recently raised the prices for pole caught tuna due to various market factors. It's only a small amount however...our delicious tuna is now $63 per 12 can case vs. $60 before the increase. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Thank you.
How about some delicious American Tuna? This is the real deal--our tuna is pole caught wild albacore in the waters off the northwest US. The result is the most delicious tuna you've tasted. There is very little water in the can. It's more a tuna filet than the "cat food" grade tuna you find in the supermarkets. The pole caught tuna ensures higher quality tuna and very environmentally friendly as other sea creatures can't get snared in fishing nets. And that's great...right?

We sell American Tuna by the case (12x 6oz cans) in two varieties: Lightly Salted and Unsalted. You will need to specify which you prefer. Your case of tuna is shipped out of California via USPS Priority mail and arrives within 3-5 business days from time of ordering.

Yes, this tuna is somewhat expensive, but you'll find its worth it--if not for taste alone. You get more sandwiches out of every can. Which reminds me, tuna sandwiches made with American tuna are incredible!

American Tuna is turtle safe, dolphin safe, bpa free, gluten free and  non-GMO.

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