Delta-13 Patriotic Rack- Gorgeous
Delta-13 Patriotic Rack- Gorgeous

Delta-13 Patriotic Aluminum Billiard Rack- Professional Quality--Made in USA

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Item Number:Delta 13 Pool/ Billiard Rack
We are proud to offer the Delta-13 Billiard Rack made right here in Colorado. Big on looks and huge on performance. This is the highest quality billiard rack you can buy and the last one you will need to own. The Delta-13 rack is precision engineered and consists of 3 anodized aluminum rails held together by stainless steel screws. This gorgeous rack is stringently tested for accuracy and alignment using a variety of methods. If it's off even the smallest amount, it's readjusted. This rack will not bow, break or warp and a clean powerful break is guaranteed every time. 
BONUS: Very easy on the table felt when sliding it around.

FYI: This rack is used and endorsed by several world class players and trick shot artists.