DOO Drops Combo Pack:  Odor Elimination Tablets
Doo Drops Combo Pack

DOO Drops Combo Pack: Odor Elimination Tablets

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No more worries about your "business" causing unpleasant business. Introducing Doo Drops--odor elimination tablets. This is the Doo Drops Lemon (Lemonator) combo pack which includes a travel vial of 12 tablets and the home dispenser that includes 50 tablets for a total of 62 uses. End your toilet odors the natural way with our easy to use tablets with NO long term aquatic damage, no ruined purses or bags from leaky sprays/ drops. Drop it in, do your biz, and flush, that's it. Carry them in your pocket, keep them at your desk, they are convenient and compact, you can go knowing that your smell is trapped under the surface. No Waiting for it to dissolve, just drop & go, No Spills, Leaks, Easy to Use, Non Toxic, & Discreet.

* No Leaks
* Easy to Use
* Non Toxic
* Discreet
* Septic Safe
* No waiting, just drop & go
Use for Home, Business, Travel, Dates, etc.

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