Why buy American?

If you're here you probably don't need any reminding, but if you're just looking for some more reasons, or some points to convince your friends of the benefit of buying American made product, here are some of the top reasons to buy American.

1. JOBS- Above all else, when you buy American you save or create AMERICAN JOBS!
These are normally well paying, sustainable and meaningful jobs with good benefits and long term career potential. Not 100% but manufacturing jobs ace service jobs any day!

2. ENVIRONMENT- Companies making their products in the USA have to meet many environmental regulations and standards. It can be a hassle and sometimes expensive, but it ensures a that the our land, rivers, oceans and mountains will be protected. Conversely many of the countries that provide the US with their products have absolutely NO or very few environmental regulations and controls in place. They have no regard for the earth and they pollute and abuse the soil, air, and the water.

3.HUMAN RIGHTS - The United States has many rules and regulations which help ensure a safe and humane workplace. Therefore,when you buy American products, you know that they were made in a safe and controlled workplace that promotes employee well being. Foreign laborers have no such protection and they frequently are underage, undertrained and forced to work in dangerous conditions.

4. RIPPLE EFFECT - When you buy American products that money stays in the United States and goes to work for you and other US citizens. The money goes to pay the wage of many people that are directly or indirectly responsible for creating your product. Each of them in turn spend this money on goods (hopefully American made) and services, and the cycle continues. The more you buy American, the more the economy is stimulated, and the more jobs are created. And obviously, the reverse is true, which is why when a factory in a small American town closes down, it isn't too long before the town itself closes down. We don't that.

5. NATIONAL DEBT: The US has an astronomical debt. When we buy foreign goods, a lot of money leaves our shores. This in turn makes America less prosperous and we are then forced to borrow money from the same foreign countries in order to keep our standard of living. Debt is not good; for you or the country. When you buy made in USA, the money stays here where it belongs.

6. PRODUCT SAFETY: US manufacturers have to meet many product safety standards covering all phases of operations before their goods can be placed on stores shelves.This enures that products are safe to use for you and your family. Imported products however rarely have any regulations. That's why we see imported toys w/ lead paint, formaldehyde in building products and even pet treats made with toxic chemicals.  

7. AMERICAN SELF-RELIANCE: Buying American makes America stronger in many ways and lessens our dependence on foreign imports which are sometimes made by countries that don't even like us!