American Chinook Salmon
American Chinook Salmon

NEW! American Salmon-- Chinook Salmon
caught in Alaska!:: 3, 6 or 12 pack

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IT'S BACK!:Salmon is now available from our friends at American Tuna! Okay, there is going to be some "sticker shock" as the price has gone up quite a bit. The company tells us that it's due to the difficulty of acquiring and packaging the salmon. However the salmon is absolutely delicious, top notch flavor and packed with protein.
What is "Chinook" Salmon?
Chinook (most commonly known as King Salmon) is a larger fish, known for its luxurious texture, and higher (healthy) fat content giving the fish a bold flavor.  All of the salmon is troll caught in the fresh, clean Alaskan waters.

Each 6 oz. can contains 2 servings and a whopping 45 grams of protein--all of it healthy! The same sized can of fish products at the supermarket normally contain 2 servings and 30+ grams of protein. That's because the American Salmon is packed with just fish--no fillers, broth or other additives.
  • Troll caught by American fishing families in southeast Alaska
  • 100% American made product, owned and operate by 6 fishing families
  • Hand packed in Oregon, cooked once in natural fish oils
  • No Water, broth, soy, or fillers added, just 6oz’s of premium Salmon (per can!)
***Interesting Notes re: American Tuna: American Tuna is owned as a coop between 6 families with a long and proud fishing heritage. They do things the right way. The tuna and salmon you purchase is actually TRACEABLE--the date, time location of the catch, etc. Try getting that info at a restaurant or supermarket? Lotsa luck. Of course this whole 100% American process costs extra, but we're sure the taste and quality of this delicious Salmon will win you over. Salmon is a very healthy protein packed food with Omega 3's. The amount of QUALITY PROTEIN in American tuna and/ or salmon is simply UNMATCHED in any other food product.

In contrast, Coho (also known as Silver Salmon) is a smaller leaner fish with a more gentle flavor.  Which one to choose? Some people prefer the bold flavor of the Chinook while some prefer the more subtle Coho taste.

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