April 2012 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter: April 2012
Hello Friends,
Jeepers! My brother says my newsletters are too long! I'm trying, I'm trying. Yard and garden season is ramping up and Strictly USA is trying to keep pace with some new yard/ garden products. Some other new products have also been added. Keep reading and you'll see. It's not THAT long.

NEW PRODUCT: Dog Bowls--Finally some 100% Colorado USA made doggie bowls and they come in large and small and in 4 cool patterns. The one pictured is green paisley. That's the one Spirit chose. Can use for food and/ or water. Or better yet, buy two!

Strictly USA is the only Made in USA Product store in Colorado and indeed, the whole Rocky Mountain region. Yes, American made products are HARD to find. We have done the legwork for you in bringing you the highest quality, very useful and cool American made items. Whether you live here in Colorado or throughout the USA, Strictly USA looks forward to serving you!

NEW PRODUCT: Made in USA stuffed animals We mentioned these last month, but we have added some new animals to our list. Among them, an all American eaglet, panda bear and a lizard (its cute--trust me). And check out our special deal--the Coyote family, including papa, mama, and baby for $100 (normally $117 if sold separately)  High quality, durable and 100% made in USA.


0- Number of Coffee Makers made in the USA

1- Number of towel manufacturers in the USA (we have 'em!)

2- Number of blue jeans makers in the USA

90- % of worlds toys made in China

8000+- Number of toy factories in China


NEW PRODUCT: Yard-> House Shoe Covers--How about these slick, made in USA shoe covers? You can walk in the house with muddy/ dirty shoes, throw on the shoe covers and avoid tracking all the filth on your floors and carpets. No need to remove your shoes or boots! And when you go back outside again, simply remove the shoe covers and out you go. Indispensable when working out in the yard or garden and making frequent trips back into the house. They clean easily.

Home Depot: The Good, Bad and Ugly
On a recent foray into the Depot for yard/ garden supplies (its this warm weather!), I noticed several things. Good News: HD carries several Made in USA garden hoses at reasonable prices. Also good because we don't have to carry them here at Strictly USA!:-) Bad News: Not too many other yard/ garden items made in the USA. And, finally the Ugly: Depot also had several American Flag/ Patriotic garden decorations (stick in the ground metal flag and other whirly-gigs). All made in China. Nothing riles me up more than seeing any American flag type items made overseas. Yes, I wrote HD corporate about this issue. How do you feel about Chinese made patriotic items?

NEW PRODUCT: 100% Made in USA Leaf Scoops. This is an economical and very useful item. You slide the scoops on your hands and use them to pick up large amounts of leaves and other yard debris. Way more than using your hands alone! Plus your hands are protected from sharp objects and the like.

Please keep your comments and emails coming. Your feedback/ suggestions are appreciated.