August 2012 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter: AUGUST 2012

Hello Friends and Patriotic Consumers!
Happy August everyone. We hope everyone is having a fantastic summer and enjoying the Olympics on TV, especially Denver, CO's own Missy Franklin...all very exciting. Anyway a few interesting tidbits and a few products to show you.

Strictly USA has reduced prices on many products throughout our store and we are offering free shipping on selected items. Please visit our Made in USA store and check it out!

Please be advised that orders for our very popular Magnificence towels placed between Thursday, Aug. 9th  and Monday Aug. 13th will not be shipped as our distributor will be traveling to trade shows. Normal business and shipping will resume on Tuesday, Aug. 14th. So order now... or please be patient later. Thank you for your cooperation.

Finally a "Buy American" t-shirt that actually is made in USA. Show folks you mean business in one of our extremely well made American t-shirts. 100% USA cotton. **Not shown: there is small lettering under the Buy American graphic that says "".
This is a non-profit affiliate who has helped us in procuring these shirts.

We often hear folks lament that American products are too expensive and the difference in price isn't worth it. We understand that now more than ever people want to budget and save money. However, did you know you can make a difference on small items that you buy everyday? Were talking pennies here to buy American. Examples:
toothpaste, shampoos, garden hoses, household cleaners, duct tape, office supplies like printer paper, and many other small sundry items.They're out there if you take a few seconds to pick them easy and you help the American economy by doing so.

NEW PRODUCT: If homework doesn't keep your kids (or you) busy... try Dbox: A challenging new puzzle game that is totally addictive as you try and solve various puzzle combinations. Dbox is unique in that it allows YOU to come up with your own solutions. Proudly made in Boulder, CO, USA. Comes with instructions, etc.

An enterprising woman in Georgia has opened what I believe is the 4th "Made In USA" product store in this country. And if you're ever in Blue Ridge , GA you can check it out. Way to go! Strictly USA wants to be the 5th! Look we come!

People are shocked when I inform them that Cross pens, as American an item as it gets, are now made in China. Good news: My grandparents gave me a Cross pen for 8th grade graduation in the mid-70's. It still works beautifully!

Won't you help our adorable Stuffington Eaglets and Buffalo's find homes? What could be more patriotic than an American Bald eaglet. And you CU fans...consider an American made stuffed Buffalo instead of those cheap imports available at stadium gift shops. These are incredibly well made stuffed toys and some of the last actually made in the US. Help support this great Phoenix AZ based manufacturer. They provide good jobs and help boost the economy.

Did you know that according to the latest job report (U6 figures) 1 in 7 Americans- 24 Million people are either unemployed, underemployed or have quit looking? That's frightening! Government programs and Federal Reserve tampering have failed spectacularly. The much hyped recovery has not happened.
Please join with me and pledge to buy American products where possible. This will help America recover, bring down unemployment and insure a prosperous future. IT'S GUARANTEED TO WORK. It's not an overnight cure, but if we all keep at it, we can succeed.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! AND AS USUAL KEEP BUYING USA!!! Please keep your comments and emails coming. Your feedback/ suggestions are appreciated.--Alex H. Nedleman- Owner/ Founder Strictly USA