December 2012 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter: December 2012

If we all spent $64 on Made in America Christmas gifts this season we would create 200,000 NEW JOBS!
We're happy to report that ABC World News with Diane Sawyer and "Mr. Made in America" David Muir have started their 2012 Made in America Christmas Series ( on Wednesday Nov. 28, 2012. This week the ABC crew traveled the shopping streets of NYC to peek inside shoppers bags for made in America merchandise. Many shoppers were shocked to find nothing made here, but ALL were challenged to spend just $64 on made in USA products this Christmas. A rather small percentage of the estimated $700 that each American will spend during this holiday season. All of the shoppers interviewed said "I'm In!" If this segment doesn't get you fired up to buy American...nothing will. How about you Strictly USA customer and supporter... ARE YOU IN? 

FEATURED PRODUCT: Hand-E-Holder: Hand-E-Holder is a one handed tablet holder 100% Made in USA that lets you securely and safely hold your Ipad/ tablet in one hand freeing up other to input data, scroll, navigate, drink coffee, etc. Taking photos or videos is also much easier with this device. The Hand-E-Holder comes with the holder and a plexiglass piece that when combined function as a desk top stand for your tablet! A stand and a hand holder in one! A great, innovative product that will make an awesome gift for that tech junkie! Please check out video as well.

It appears that the 2012 shopping season got off to a roaring start. Which is somewhat good news as 70% of our GDP is generated by consumer spending. Still it pains me to see people standing in line, out in the cold in front of a giant toy retailer and/ or a mega mart at 8:00 on Thanksgiving night. Really? Don't forget...90% of the worlds toys (and most products for that matter) are made overseas (mostly in China) and that's what these stores carry.

Why do stores carry all these imports??? Because we ask them to whenever we shop and spend money on these same products. Notice "we"..that's us.  BTW, at least 20% of  the money spent on these chintzy imports (and 100% of the jobs) leaves our shores never to return. Leaving a much weaker America in it's wake.

THE GOOD NEWS!: American consumers have a LOT of POWER. We drive the economy! We can either drive it up...or drive it down. Let's drive the economy UP TOWARDS PROSPERITY not down to poverty and hopelessness. Are you in?

DBOX: Great gift idea for kids, teens and adults: The made in Colorado DBOX is a fun and  challenging puzzle game thats easy enough for younger payers  and challenging enough for the most experienced puzzle solvers. The Dbox consists of inter connectible pieces which form segments which are then manipulated into suggested puzzle solutions. You can follow the puzzle suggestions in the easy to use booklet or develop your own solutions. This game will keep everyone entertained for hours!

You bet! As president and founder of a Made in USA product company, not only do I always encourage you to buy American, I also hold myself to a very high standard as far as buying and supporting American goods on an everyday basis.
Here are some recent examples: New Balance athletic shoes and socks, various office products, Sport Science athletic wear, a shelving unit from Home Depot and a set of 1888 Mills Millennium made in USA towels.

I tell people all the's not that difficult to buy American in most cases. Just check labels and tags and make a conscious buying decision. Big or small items--it doesn't matter- it all adds up and it ALL helps.

Now it's your turn. Share your made in America finds and purchases with us on the Strictly USA Facebook page.

GREAT GIFT IDEA for the guys! One of our popular items that always elicits comments, are our Green Guru products which are made with recycled...excuse me, "repurposed" bicycle tubes. Normally the tubes wind up in landfills, but GG turns around and makes wallets, backpacks, toiletry kits and pouches. We carry the full line at Strictly USA. There are also climbing rope key chains, bracelets and zipper pulls. These last few are inexpensive stocking stuffers all made in USA!


Though domestic production has ticked up recently, more than 97 percent of the 19 billion pieces of apparel sold in the United States last year were made somewhere else, primarily in China and other Asian nations, according to Labor Department data compiled by the American Apparel & Footwear Association. Employment has declined 75 percent since the late 1990s, from 621,000 jobs in 1998 to 151,800 today.
Aside from the vast economic damage caused by the outsourcing of the USA apparel industry, we must also consider the working conditions in these overseas factories. Case in point..the recent fire (Nov.24, 2012) in a  Bangladesh clothing factory. 112 workers killed, factory destroyed. Reportedly, only one emergency exit door existed, which was locked. This factory made goods for Walmart, Sears, Disney and others. Sadly, most of these companies had no idea that this factory was subcontracted to make their products...until they read about it. Which again reinforces the fact that most companies have no idea where their stuff is actually made.

GREAT GIFT/ STOCKING STUFFER : Perfect for someone who travels a lot (or a little) AND likes coffee! With the TUGO beverage holder, you can make your way to the gate easily and safely with your beverage within easy reach. No spilling or sloshing or having to pitch a $5 mocha cappuccino!  Attaches easily to most wheeled luggage. You'll be the envy of other travelers. 100% Made in USA in Denver Colorado and a steal at $12 with free shipping.

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GREAT GIFT IDEA: Made In USA Zeroll ice cream scoops and spades. C'mon, we know it's winter, but we're still eating ice cream right? Try these great American made scoops that contain a heat activated fluid in handle which making scooping easy and mess-free. No more bent spoons and chiseling at the ice cream! If you have a homemade ice cream set up, you may find the Zeroll Spades of great use to pack ice cream in containers. Zeroll Spades are also perfect for slab based ice cream concoctions. Do not put  Zeroll Scoops or Spades in the dishwasher. In stock and available for immediate delivery.

Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas:
Try our Croakies Sunglass Accessories and eyewear retainers. For easy and long-lasting household repairs
, Hippo Patch waterproof repair tape. And how about Gear Ties a clever gadget for keeping things together or tied--headphone cords, extension cords, even use as a hanger. Unlimited uses. Rite in the Rain Notebooks/ Pens. All weather notebooks perfect for any outdoor enthusiast--hiker, photographer, etc. Different sizes available.
Can't make up your mind? Strictly USA also offers Gift Certificates in $20, $25, $50 and $100 amounts.
And again a reminder...Join ABC News, The Strictly USA Team and patriotic consumers across the country to take the $64 CHALLENGE and make this a
Creating jobs and a stronger America.

Alex H. Nedleman--Founder/ president of Strictly USA