January 2013 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter: January 2013

***This Newsletter is dedicated to the memory of Nancy Jean Barkow, a good friend and a true Made in America patriot. Thanks for your encouragement Nancy--you will be sorely missed. Our best wishes and thoughts go out to the entire Barkow family during this very difficult time.

Happy New Year everyone! Christmas is now behind us and we hope everyone had a great holiday season. We are happy to report that Strictly USA was fairly busy over the holidays...and we owe it all to you. Our Strictly USA customers and supporters really stepped up and did indeed make this a Made In USA Christmas. It was nice to see parents buying Made in USA toys and games for their kids. Everyone please enjoy your Made in USA products. If you ever have any questions or concerns with a Strictly USA purchase, please contact us.

BUT, We're not done yet! As we head into 2013, let's all remember that buying American made products is not only a Christmas/ Holiday thing...it should and must be a year round proposition now and forever. Our request, as always, is that whenever you shop for anything...keep checking those labels, stickers and tags...and buy American whenever possible. And please, share your made in USA shopping experiences and finds on the Strictly USA Facebook page.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Silver River counter top tool tender. I can't say enough good things about this excellent product. Its good looking, functional and keeps your kitchen gizmos within easy reach. And don't forget the wall mounted unit- perfect for the garage. This is small local business owned by the Berry family. Let's support these folks. Tools not included.

We have mentioned the statistic several times...if everyone spent $64 on American goods it would create 200,000 jobs. Though we're not 100% positive that these numbers would pan out exactly like that, one thing is for 100% sure:
Buying American DOES create jobs...

The Weds December 26, 2012 edition of ABC World News with our Made in America compatriot David Muir reported some great news. American shoppers answered the call and our 2012 Made in USA holiday purchases created jobs! In case you missed the broadcast, here are a few examples:
Bodacious Iphone cases added 5 workers. Fairbault Mills in Minn. added 80 workers (thanks Whoopi!) Spooner Boards in Cali hired 5 additional employees. Knex toy makers? 12 new positions created. And American Giant hoodies in San Fran? Sold out of everything and are in they process of adding many more employees as they replenish their inventory.
Ford Motors too: investing billions in southern Michigan adding factories and jobs and these jobs pay very well.

Finally, there is one more employee added. Me, because when you buy from Strictly USA, you keep me employed. Seriously. Thank you!

FEATURED PRODUCT: Pocket Eyes: Reading Glasses that you carry on your keychain. Perfect for Dr.s office and restaurants. Awesome! Free shipping.

The potential Longshoreman Strike was a big story right around the Christmas Holidays that maybe you missed. So, what is a longshoreman? These are the folks at the shipping ports (Long Beach, CA, NY, etc) that unload all those container ships that come in with all the imported stuff that fills shelves at virtually every retailer in the US. A majority of the product at the big boxes is carried by the ships that come in mostly from southeast Asia. Anyway, without longshoremen (and women), nothing get's unloaded-- the boats just sit there or get re-routed and the ports get completely bottlenecked. Nothing moves.

There was worry that a prolonged longshoreman strike would stop the flow of goods and completely disrupt the supply chain. And that retailers shelves could not be restocked and shoppers couldn't buy things they need. And they're right...it would be a disaster. Fortunately the parties were able to settle on terms and the strike was averted.

Let us point this out:  this is the danger when we rely so heavily on imported products to provide our everyday needs. We are at the mercy of many external forces from foreign factories to shipping companies to longshoreman.

See now? When you buy American, the products are already here, because we made them here! They're ready to go right on the retailer shelves or sent to you directly. No ships, no longshoreman, no delays. If we run out...the factory makes more and it's immediately available. It's called self-reliance and self-sufficiency, which are values America needs to reclaim. We make what we need and buy what we make. That's really what the ultimate goal is. Everybody, and I mean everybody benefits when we
buy American products.

Featured Product: BISON DESIGNS LEASHES AND COLLARS: Made right here in Longmont, CO. Now even your dog can be patriotic. Available in several neat designs/ styles, including the now hard to get "Stars" pattern which is pictured here. Leads are 6 foot. Collars come in 3 sizes to fit any dog. If you buy matching leash/ collar as a set--you save $$.
Will Call item: We carry these in our showroom!

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Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Made in USA 2013! Thanks again to everyone for your continued support and business.
---The Strictly USA Team