June 2013 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter: June 2013

FATHERS DAY Sunday June 16th, 2013:
Please visit our FATHERS DAY GIFT IDEAS section for some great ideas.
Items from Loggerhead, Nite ize, Okabashi, Annin, Green Guru and our US lapel pins and books. We suggest ordering by Friday June 7,  2013 to allow plenty of time for processing and shipping, etc. Please ask us about expedited shipping options. Doesn't Dad deserve something great made in the USA? He will be thrilled. Supporting American manufacturing and creating good jobs for his kids and grand kids. Securing a more sustainable future for America. Now, that's a good feeling.

NEW PRODUCT: Fasta Pasta: Available now!
Quickly and easily cook pasta to al dente perfection using our Fasta Pasta microwave pasta cooker. BPA-free, dishwasher safe. Saves time, energy and money. No watching the pot, no boiling over. Works on all types of pasta. Measure, cook and strain in ONE container to simplify clean up. IT WORKS. We tested it on spaghetti and it was right on. Delicious. Comes with cookbook complete with recipes and instructions. Check out the Strictly USA video to see Fasta Pasta in action.

Some reliable authorities say as much as 40% of the food items and produce we buy in the United States is produced in other countries. This includes my favorite brand of tuna pictured here...made in Thailand! (Please see our 100% made in USA American Tuna below)
. People are often shocked when they see how many different products on their supermarket shelves are imported.

Recently I spent about an hour or so on a rainy afternoon conducting some recon at my local King Soopers (Kroger). Heres what I found: Green Giant asparagus from Peru, Green Giant frozen vegetables from China, Dole mandarin oranges from China, crushed pineapple and fruit mix  from Thailand and Dole Pineapple chunks from the Philippines. Why is Dole going to southeast Asia when we have the best pineapples in the world in Hawaii? And you already know about the tuna. A vast majority of products have no country of origin listed so it's impossible to tell.

Seafood is another big area of concern. Next time you're at the seafood counter, ask them where the tilapia, shrimp, scallops and other fish comes from. For an outstanding video and article highlighting the dangers of foreign seafood, please visit http://www.today.com/id/40198123/ns/today-today_health/t/could-your-seafood-contain-toxic-chemicals/#.UajZkUrAGSo.

Unlike our everyday consumer items, there is NO COOL (country of origin labeling) requirement for food products! As a result, we don't even know where many products come from. Personally I think it's dangerous. COOL labeling for food products needs to be law--now. Unfortunately, the big food and beverage companies exert tremendous influence on lawmakers, lobbyists and governmental agencies. This makes it tough, but remember we have a voice.

Please visit the US GROWN website for much more info about the dangers of foreign food products and why we should always buy American food. It's a great site and the videos are excellent.

As always we remind you to check labels on those bottles, cans and packages.

NEW PRODUCT: American Tuna: Did you know that all the top tuna brands are imported? You now have a choice. We are proud to offer you outstanding 100%  American tuna. This is pole caught albacore tuna from the waters in the pacific Northwest by American fisherman! The cans are US and the labels are US. We offer 12 can cases of American Tuna in unsalted and sea salt varieties. Each can is packed with 6oz of delicious tuna. No draining needed and a whopping 42g of protein in each can. Okay, there will be some "sticker shock", but once you try it, you'll agree. Plus you know where it comes from--here. Here in the USA !

The Strictly USA offices will be closed the week of June 17th -21st, 2013.
Normal operating hours will resume on June  24, 2013. We suggest that you place your orders well ahead of this date so you can be assured of efficient order handling and speedy delivery. Orders placed during this week will be processed as soon as we return. We will be checking our email and phones daily so ANY customer service issues can be addressed immediately. You WILL be able to reach us with questions and concerns.
Thanks so much for your patience and cooperation.
We have decided to extend our sale on our great selection of Strictly USA Patriotic Products through July 5, 2013.
ALL of our 100% Made in USA Patriotic Merchandise is 15% off. This includes Annin flags, windsocks, "Buy American" t-shirts, US Flag Lapel pins, Polar Stars/ Stripes water bottles, Bison Designs STARS pattern dog leashes and collars, Made in USA books, SAM the USA rubber duckie and our Baby Eagle stuffed toy from Stuffington. This gives the opportunity to show your patriotism in a variety of ways and save money while doing it. This offer runs from now through July 5, 2013. Cannot be combined with other offers. Discount automatically given at checkout. Limited to stock on hand. Free Shipping still applies to selected items.
Attention runners/ athletes. We have put together a fantastic Made in USA fitness/ recovery package you won't be able to resist. Choose an MD Range Roller, select a Stretch Rite or Pro Stretch and add a Foot Log
foot massager and save 15% of the complete package. Soothe those aching muscles, stretch and massage away the soreness, keep flexible and pamper your feet. Wonderful! Let the relaxing begin!

We've all paid our cold winter dues and now it's time to get outdoors and enjoy the sun, fresh air and warm weather. Here are some awesome product ideas as you, your friends and families head out to the mountains, lakes and parks. Enjoy! We have thoroughly tested and approved all these products!

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. Thank you all for your patronage and support. Let's all keep buying Made in USA. Creating jobs and American prosperity the easy way.
See you next month!
Best Regards,
Alex H. Nedleman
Founder/ President STRICTLY USA