Kan Jam game contents--Let's Play!!!
Kan Jam game contents--Let's Play!!!

KAN JAM: Exciting and fun disc game: 100% Made in USA

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Introducing Kan Jam!: Move Over Corn Hole..theres a new kid in town. Kan Jam is an easy to play, yet fun and challenging goal based disc game played with an official game disc and two plastic cans which serve as goals. Each two person team consists of a thrower and deflector. Points are earned by teams based on whether the disc hits the can, is tipped into the can or goes through the "instant win" slot for an immediate win. The instant win slot is a game spoiler. Thats what makes Kan Jam so unique. For more detail please check out the How to Play video below:

Kan Jam is portable, takes up little space and is a breeze to setup and tear down. You can be playing in minutes.
Each Kan Jam Game Set includes:
- 2 durable, highly portable official goals (CANS)
- 1 Custom-designed official KanJam flying disc
- Instructions
You will be able to buy an extra disc(s) upon checking out.

**Extra $3.00 added to flat shipping due to larger size/ weight.
4 Stars
Great BBQ/ Party Game
We have quite a few get togethers and BBQ's and are always looking for new yard games. Alex hooked me up with Kan Jam and it's a blast! We were immediately addicted with the fast paced play and teamwork involved. Though easy to learn it's quite challenging as well. Easy to set up and take down. Only complaint is cans keep moving and/ or tipping over when hit. Everything made in USA. Awesome! You'll love it!
Reviewed by:  from Denver, CO. on 4/8/2013

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