May 2013 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter: MAY 2013

This month we would like to highlight the fantastic made in USA Pet products available at Strictly USA. There are the well made leashes and collars from Bison Design, the innovative portable food/ water bowls and tag silencers from Denver, CO based ItzaDog and awesome pet toys from the folks at West Paw products. LOCAL CUSTOMERS: All of these products are available for immediate pick up at our University Hills showroom.

NEW PRODUCT: EZ DUZ IT Can Openers: As with many other kitchen products, hand operated can openers like the beloved Swingaways are now made in China. Not EZ DUZ  IT! This fantastic opener is still made in Missouri and we are proud to offer them here. As you can see by the package, they are proud too. Four colors available: black and get, white and blue! The black opener (#89) has slightly beefier handles for slightly better grip. We recommend one for the kitchen and one for camping/ outdoor activites or perhaps as a gift. You save $ when buying 2 or more. Shipping USPS first class included in price.

Recent news reports have once again focused on the deadly accidents and terrible working conditions at Bangladesh apparel factories. The most recent tragedy last week claimed 400 lives when a factory building collapsed. And now, even Pope Frances
has chimed in from the Vatican and said he was shocked to learn that many of them earned just $40 a month. ''This is called slave labor,'' he declared.
Factoid: Did you know that Disney products could have been made in one of more than 170 different countries? Sadly the United States is not one of them. Companies like Disney, Benneton, The Gap, The Childrens Place and Wal Mart are among the businesses that have profited tremendously from having their merchandise made overseas. And now, of course, everyone is rethinking production in countries like Bangladesh, which is the world's second-largest apparel exporter after China totaling 18B.
And a reminder that it's not just apparel factories and not just countries like Bangladesh that have industrial accidents. This goes for every type of product and nearly every country that manufacturers our cheap goods. It's just that we don't hear about these accidents and injuries.

Folks, WE can help to ensure these atrocities don't happen. As we have stated many, many times, simply focus on buying American made apparel and products. When you buy goods made here, you know that there are minimum wage requirements, labor laws and environmental regulations in place that protect everyone. That's the whole point of businesses like Strictly USA--to give you that option. Yes, you may pay more in some cases, but isn't worth it?

NEW PRODUCT: SAM the all American Rubber DuckBelieve it or not the iconic rubber duck has a proud American heritage having been invented in the USA in the late 1800's.  In recent years the whole industry was off-shored, until now. Craig Wolfe of Celebriducks said "enough is enough" and has brought duck making back to the states. The whole process--molds, painting, packaging and tags are all made in USA. These make great toys, gifts (baby showers) or collectibles or... And such fun. Shipping via USPS First Class is included in the price. SAVE when buying multiple ducks. Yes, of course they float!

Due to technical difficulties, the Strictly USA Facebook Page is temporarily out of service. We will try to have it back up and running soon. However, we still always welcome your made in USA experiences, comments, product suggestions and feedback. We will post them to our Strictly USA Fans page. We'll even put them here in the newsletter. Thanks.

NEW PRODUCT: Macks Lid Lifters. Mack has taken the foot pedal operated kitchen trash can and brought it outside to our refuse/ recycle bins. This unit attaches easily to any standard, city provided trash or recycle bins. It's very handy when your hands are full or don't want to touch the dirty lid. Also GREAT for kids and seniors. We can't say enough good things about Mac's Lid Lifters. People who see it work, immediately say "I want one!" Assembly is a breeze as well. Proudly Made in USA..Watch the video!

400 Year old company refuses to offshore..Zildjian Cymbals:
Talk about a multi-generational company! Believe it or not Zildjian Cymbals has been around 400 years and during this whole time there has NEVER been a company layoff. If there is a case where automation replaces a workers duties, that worker is transferred to another department at higher pay! Do you think these folks know what they're doing?

Craigie Zildjian, the Zildjian CEO puts it best:
"The notion of outsourcing your quality halfway around
the world is unthinkable".

We couldn't agree more! Oh and by the way, I am a (former) drummer and have first hand experience with their cymbals. Okay, I can't resist..."They Rock!"

With NEW spring-like colors. Introducing the Premier line. This is an 86% cotton/ 14% Polyester blend.The result is a luxurious, absorbent and  long lasting towel. The same high quality performance and workmanship that you've come to expect from our very popular Magnificence and Millennium lines. What we really like are the 5 subtle, yet vibrant colors, plus white of course. Our Premier 7 piece bath set  Is introductory priced at $56.00 (reg $62). The set includes 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths. Enjoy.

We've all paid our cold winter dues and now it's time to get outdoors and enjoy the sun, fresh air and warm weather. Here are some awesome product ideas as you, your friends and families head out to the mountains, lakes and parks. Enjoy! We have thoroughly tested and approved all these products!

Thank you all for your patronage and support. Let's all keep buying Made in USA. Creating jobs and American prosperity the easy way.
See you next month!
Best Regards,
Alex H. Nedleman
Founder/ President STRICTLY USA