November 2012 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter: November 2012

Please join Strictly USA at the annual Holiday Food and Gift Festival taking place at the Denver Convention Center Friday Nov. 9 through Sunday Nov. 11, 2012. In it's 25th year, the HFGF is a great way to kick off the holiday season. Strictly USA will be showcasing some new products in addition to our old favorites. We have many items which would make wonderful gifts for any member of your family. Toys, games, kitchen items, tools, health/ wellness products, etc. Anyway, it promises to be a fun and exciting show. See you there.
NEW PRODUCT: CEACO/ Gamewright Games/ Puzzles.
Gamewright is the brainchild of several parents whose kids demanded fun games. And the parents wanted them to be educational AND made in USA! We have two fun and easy to learn card games suitable for ages 6+ and alphabet puzzles for the little ones. Yes, the adults can play too. Fun for all.


Recently, Chinese made counterfeit factory automobile airbags made news when it was discovered that they were defective and dangerous. It was reported that they DID NOT INFLATE and in several tests, the airbags shot out shards of metal and burst into flames. Only the crash test dummy's were hurt--luckily.

These airbags have already been installed on  many Americans vehicles as replacements for previously deployed airbags. They have been sold through the "underground" market as very low cost alternatives to genuine factory bags. These fakes carry the auto makers logos and appear identical to OEM bags.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recommended that anyone who has had these fake airbags installed, have them checked immediately. This is not cheap and the customers will get stuck with a hefty bill for testing, removal and re-installation of correct airbags.

We have already seen the dangers imposed by cheap imported goods: tainted pet food, harmful food products and the millions of toys with toxic lead paint.The counterfeit airbags serve as another glaring reminder that we must exercise caution when considering the purchase of these imported products. As mentioned many prices sometimes have huge costs!

NEW PRODUCT: SKULLDUGGERY TOY CARS AND ACTION GAMES . Toy cars and race track actually made in USA. Awesome and Affordable. We have the light up Marble Racers race set with glow in the dark track. These are similar to the Hot Wheels racers we remember. And a fun indoor action game called Aero Flixx. You can see videos on product pages.

Hey Strictly USA customers! Standing offer to save 10% on your next order. Either submit a product review by clicking the link on a product page or if you're happy with service, send in a testimonial via
email ([email protected]).

When your review or testimonial is received, you will be issued a code you can use at checkout to redeem your 10% discount. This applies to everything, sale or not! Does not apply to previous orders. These options cannot be combined.
THERE IS NO EXPIRATION DATE. You can do this anytime. Thanks.

NEW PRODUCT: Macks Lid Lifters. Mack has taken the foot pedal operated kitchen trash can and brought it outside to our refuse/ recycle bins. This unit attaches easily to any standard city provided trash or recycle bins. It's very handy when your hands are full or don't want to touch the dirty lid. Great for seniors and kids too! We were skeptical-- until we tried it. It's great and we show it off to neighbors all the time. Assembly is a breeze as well. Proudly Made in USA..Watch the video!

Will Call:
A reminder to Denver metro and Colorado customers. Many of our items are available via Will Call. Meaning you can pick them up locally from our showroom. This way you can avoid $$$ on shipping (but NOT sales taxes--sorry). Among the will call items: Aerobie Flying Toys/ Yoyos, Buffalo and Eaglet stuffed animals, Fisher Pens , Rite in the Rain writing products, TUGO Luggage cup holders, Snapi 1 hand food servers and many more. Please contact us to find out more.

We realize the holidays, and the accompanying shopping,  are a busy and hectic time for everyone.  All we ask is that you read your labels and tags and try to make conscious purchasing decisions, ie buy Made in USA products!  When you buy American; you'll feel great, your recipient will get a high quality product and somewhere in some factory, you'll be keeping hard working Americans employed. That's the best part.

Let's make it a  "Made in America" Christmas!

We wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season.

Alex H. Nedleman--Founder/ president of Strictly USA