Remade in the USA by Todd Lipscolm. Hardback book!
Remade in the USA by Todd Lipscolm. Hardback book!

Remade in America

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Alex Sez: Even though Todd's in the same business, this book is a must read!


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This wonderful book is a must read and is written by Todd Lipscolm, an entrepreneur and well versed authority on Made In USA.

Todd lays out just what has gone wrong in the US economy recently, as well as over the last few decades. Loss of manufacturing base, loss of American know-how, loss of jobs, increase in poverty, loss of opportunity.

He shows that basically America has off-shored its factories, machinery and employees. and that big box retailers like Wally World, indeed control the economy in their incessant need to offer only rock bottom prices. Its a vicious cycle where we American have become addicted to cheap imported goods and expensive imported oil. All made by countries who don't necessarily love us.

Not all doom and gloom though. Todd offers much needed common sense advice for American consumers, politicans and local municipalities.

This book is an EYE OPENER and educational. It will totally motivate you to buy American and understand why you should do so.

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