September 2012 Newsletter #1

Strictly USA Newsletter: September 2012 #1

Can you believe it? September is upon us already! And Happy Labor Day to everyone. In honor of this holiday we will be offering a 10% discount on all purchases from Saturday, September
1, 2012 through Sunday September 9, 2012. The discount will be automatically figured in at checkout. Regular price or sales price--you still get the 10% discount. Happy Shopping!

NEW PRODUCT!: Zeroll Ice Cream Scoops have been around for ages. Quality made in usa aluminum scoop with heat conductive fluid in handle which enables much easier scooping and serving.

Alex, the president and founder of Strictly USA, was recently interviewed on the Colorado Today show hosted by Jill West (pictured to left). The program aired on Entercom Denver radio stations Sunday Aug. 26th. But if you missed the  program, never fear. We will be posting an mp3 version of the program on the Strictly USA site shortly so you may listen at your leisure.
The interview came off very well and a wide array of made in USA topics were covered. And by the way...Alex was dressed
head to toe in 100% made in America fashion! Smart, huh?

Great back to school idea! Lunchskins! Made in USA reusable and environmentally friendly lunch bags in snack, sandwich and sub bag sizes with many unique patterns and designs. Simply wipe clean or pop in the dishwasher periodically. Using Lunchskins keeps literally millions of plasticbaggies out of the landfill.

Why Buy Products made in the USA
Folks; I have read literally hundreds of articles on this topic as you would expect, but THIS SHORT ARTICLE about why buying made in usa is so important is absolutely one of the BEST. It makes it easy to understand in plain simple terms why it's crucial to our nations recovery. One of my favorite parts...

This isn't about politics or making some trendy statement. This is very serious business. It's about making small, simple decisions that translate into big improvements to our economy, the environment and the future.
Courtesy of our friends at Stuffington Bear Factory. The ONLY made in USA stuffed animals available! Please adopt one of our absolutely adorable BALD EAGLETS or for you CU of our BUFFALO. Don't get a cheap imported Buff at the stadium...Get on from Strictly. A little more, sure, but you're powering the American economy and adding many jobs. The quality of these plush toys is outstanding. 

NEW PRODUCT: SNAPI One handed food server. American made one handed food server which makes it easy to serve up salads and other dishes. You can even hold onto a corn on the cob while you slather it with butter. Yum!
Made in Rochester, MI. A bargain at $8.00 and available in EIGHT (8) colors. BPA free. Closeable for easy storage in drawers and cabinets.

Alan Uke of Buying America has introduced legislation to make the week surrounding 4th Of July, 2013 "Buy American Week". This would have full political, media and commercial support with the obvious goal of getting Americans out there buying American products. With all the awesome benefits that we all know about. Wouldn't that be great? We are 100% behind the idea and are assisting anyway
we can.

NEW PRODUCT: Alan Uke is a Made in USA advocate, business owner and now author. While BAB covers some familiar ground, it also brings forth two new concepts which were unfamiliar even to us. The COOL or Country Of Origin Label and a countries TRADE RATIO with the USA. Both of these concepts when combined with the "Buy American" mentality would really turbocharge the American economy with great jobs for everyone.

Shopping Trip:
Recently my family and I visited 29th Street Mall in Boulder, CO. Not only do I like window shopping; its an excuse to do research. First "victim"...a high end shoe store. Nothing but made in China and Vietnam. The most disturbing thing is UGG Boots which deceive customers into believing they are made in Australia, the "land down under", kangaroos, the Outback and all that jazz. Nope, China...and still the $200+ price tag. Should be UGH Boots!
We also went to a large kitchen supply store. Nearly all the kitchen gadgets, doohickeys and coffee machines were again made in China
. The salesperson was not able to find anything made in USA. It was a big store too. What a shame. Don't despair; you will find many Made in USA kitchen products at Strictly USA. Keeping the money here, keeping companies going and adding many jobs.

NEW PRODUCT: Foo Off License Plate Covers and Spray. You're gonna love this, especially if you live in a community that has photo radar setups at intersections. Photo Radar tickets are costly, about $75 and a nuisance. We think they're unfair too! Try FOO OFF spray or license plate covers. These devices essentially render your license plate unreadable to the photo system. See pictures on the item page. WE DO NOT ADVOCATE BREAKING TRAFFIC LAWS JUST FOR FUN. This is a preventative measure for those times when you're preoccupied or plain unlucky. Strictly USA offers, auto and motorcycle license plate covers. Also "family" packs are available which include several sets of plates and spray. As municipalities continue to experience financial difficulties you will see an explosion of photo radar installations as its a very easy way for cities to raise revenue. Pictured: Family Pack

Other New Products:
During the next few months Strictly USA will introduce many new products, including jump ropes, sleeping bags, lid lifters, books and tools. Maybe a few surprises too! Please stay tuned and visit often.

Thanks for reading. And folks, please, please remember to check those labels and buy made in USA whenever possible. Even assembled in USA or made in USA of imported materials helps tremendously. If you don't see made in USA ask the store to carry more American goods. Very easy.

Best Regards,
Alex H. Nedleman--Founder/ president of Strictly USA