Strictly USA 2012 Holiday Flyer

Strictly USA

Holiday 2012 Flyer

Hello Strictly USA Fans, Supporters and Economic Patriots:
It's crunch time: Only several more days to shop for the holidays. With that in mind, Strictly USA would like to share some last minute Made in America gift ideas with you. PLEASE NOTE: Try to place all your orders by Sunday Dec. 16, 2012 so items can be shipped in time for the Christmas holiday.

Counter top tool tender from Silver River. An easy way to keep all those kitchen implements handy. And will work for office and artist supplies as well. Made right here in the USA. made of unbreakable plastic material and available in several colors to match your decor. $15 includes shipping by USPS Priority. See the Wall Unit version to for garage/ workshop. $15 includes shipping.

Gift Idea for KIDS/ All Ages : Aerobie flying toys and games including the Skylighter Lighted disc, Orbiter boomerang and the world record holding Pro Ring. You've seen these toys at the local park and they're cooler than they look. Perfect for people of all ages. Check out the made in USA Aerospin yo-yo as well. Most folks find it very easy to do tricks with this yo-yo. JUST RECEIVED NEW SHIPMENT!

Gift Idea for All Ages: Nite Ize Bio Cases fit IPhone 4 and 4S. Due to overstock situation these are all clearance priced. Free shipping too. They are made of a specially designed polymer and available in 4 variations. Blue, Black, OPOC (one planet one chance), and NMIC (not made in china). This product is green friendly and of course made in Boulder, CO USA.

Green Guru wallets, card cases, toiletry kits and pouches-- made with recycled...excuse me, "repurposed" bicycle tubes. Normally the tubes wind up in landfills, but GG turns around and makes wallets, backpacks, toiletry kits and pouches. There are also climbing rope key chains, bracelets and zipper pulls, which make awesome, inexpensive stocking stuffers. USA! FREE SHIPPING on many Green Guru items.

Loggerhead Tools Immix MultiTool: Perfect for guys offering 22 tools-in-one. Or something like that. Uses the Bionic grip technology to grab hold of the tightest fasteners. Two knives and several attachments fitting different screws. And comes with a handy carrying case. Perfect for the tinkerer and DIY'r. Or gadget freaks like Alex. Bionic Wrenches also available in 2 sizes.

Snapis: One handed food servers available in 8 different colors designed to match or not match any kitchen decor. Fun, festive and quite functional. Inexpensive and free shipping. Very popular here at Strictly USA.

Gamewright Toys: We have several super fun card games and easy to assemble puzzles for the little ones. These are high quality Made in USA and ready for immediate delivery. You won't find these at the big box stores and malls. We ask that you buy at least one American toy this season. Thank you.

Absolutely my favorite book on telling us all why we need to buy Made in America. Not feel good stuff necessarily, but hard hitting facts and figures. Why it's better to buy from Taiwan than China. Why even a little American content is better than none. Author is a small business owner/ manufacturer of scuba equipment whch has stayed true to it's made in the USA roots. Not too long and makes good reading.

Okay thats just a small sampling of all the Made in America merchandise we carry here at Strictly USA.GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE IF YOU CAN'T DECIDE!

Happy Holidays to everyone and a prosperous 2013! Thank you all for your continued support and of course for buying American.


Alex H. Nedleman
President and Founder of Strictly USA