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OCTOBER 2021: 1888 MILLS MAGNIFICENCE TOWELS: Let's Work Together!

QTY: 12 - 36 units of: H555-U-NLN-1-MAGN--Magnificence Hand Towels in linen color

W556-U-NLN-1-MAGN- Magnificence Washcloths- Min QTY- 6 units Max QTY- 72 units ($2.06+30%) $2.68/ unit
S555-U-WHT-1-MAGN- Magnificence Bath Sheets White Min QTY- 3 units Max QTY- 12 units ($18.36+30%) $23.87/ unit
*B666-U-WHT-1-MAGN- Magnificence Bath Towels White- Min QTY- 2 units Max QTY- 6 units (11.73+ 30%)  $15.25/ unit
S555-U-NLN-1-MAGN- Magnificence Bath Sheets Linen Min QTY- 3 units Max QTY- 12 units ($20.18+30%) $26.23/ unit
M555-U-NLN-1-MAGN- Magnificence Bath Mats Linen Min QTY- 2 units Max QTY- 6 units ($8.24+30%) $10.71/ unit
*The B666WHT offering is very short term as this is a popular item for us.

We are looking for licensed/ approved RESELLERS, DISTRIBUTORS AND DEALERS of 1888 Mills American Made Towels like the Magnificence and the Millennium lines who would be interested in buying, selling or trading smaller quantities of product. (less than caseload).

We are Strictly USA and we are a made in America product store since 2012. We're small, but growing...always growing. Our #1 product by far is the 1888 Mills Magnificence towels. Strictly USA offers all styles in both colors.

The ongoing labor problems at the mill and chain supply issues have impacted availability of these wonderful towels and I"m sure that's true for you as well. Up until recently, we were able to get product fairly quickly, but now the situation has changed. And the waiting times to restock items is quite long: 4-6 months. Up to this point we haven't had any catastrophic losses, but we have lost business and some orders here and there. And customers have had to wait for long periods for certain towels. We had one customers order held up for 6 weeks because we couldn't find 2 Magnificence linen hand towels! Two! In fact, we couldn't (and still can't) find any linen hand towels.
Maybe this is true for you as well. There is business out there for all of us and there's no reason that we should miss sales when we could help eachother out. We realize that all of us may run into an emergency where we need a few or a few dozen of a particular towel. Yes, we're competitors, but we can also cooperate and help each other so no one loses business.

We would be open to trading product on a dollar for dollar basis. If you wish to buy some products from us we would ask wholesale cost plus a nominal 30% mark up to cover our time and packaging expenses. Again our take is that we want to be able to fill orders even if it means taking a hit profit wise. Hopefully, you feel the same way.

Please contact Alex @ 303.523.9939
email: [email protected]
Alex H. Nedleman