This Is Strictly USA founder, Alex H. Nedleman showing his Patriotic side on July 4, 2020.

Strictly USA was conceived, founded and launched in late 2011.  Our mission then was the same as now--to create an easy and fun way for patriotic minded shoppers to browse and purchase 100% made in USA products. We saw how challenging it was to try and find American made products at the local retail level. And of course the large retailers didn't (and still don't) make it any easier. Even now you'll be hard pressed to find made in USA goods at your local mall. So, we decided to make it convenient by sourcing all types of cool, attractive, functional and affordable made in USA products and then bringing them together in one place. That place is Strictly USA. One of our dreams is to one day open a brick/ mortar retail store that is chock full of nothing but American made products. It would be mind-blowing!

Running Strictly USA on a day to day basis, my biggest motivation is that I am very passionate about supporting the companies, usually small family businesses who make their products in the USA. Although somewhat trite, I believe investing in and supporting American companies and their products is simply the right thing to do. And so much good comes from it.

Strictly USA is proud to offer hundreds of outstanding made in USA products to our customers all over the country and even around the globe! Thanks for your support.