You can order several ways:
* Online through shopping cart (preferred method) and processed through PayPal Pro Gateway. Very secure with super strong encryption methods. We do NOT retain card information!

* Phone Order (303.523.9939) If you don't have a computer, like doing things the old fashioned way or are having shopping cart issues or computer glitches, please give us a call. We will be happy to take phone orders! -All major credit cards are accepted. AMEX, VISA, MC and Discover.

* Email Order to [email protected] -All major credit cards accepted.

SECURITY: All Strictly USA online orders are protected w/ Secure Socket Layering (SSL) Encryption software! This high level of security ensures that ALL personal and payment information will be protected from outside interference. We have NEVER had a security issue since opening.

OPTIONS: When placing an order with Strictly USA, please make sure you have specified product options for particular items, such as COLOR, SIZE, QUANTITY, STYLES, etc. The site will prompt you to do so during the order process, but please be mindful of this as you proceed. Sometimes we will ask you for your SECOND CHOICE. So, if your first choice color is out of stock, we will ship your backup choice. This will minimize any waiting or inconvenience. Also, if you're not sure about any product options please CONTACT STRICTLY USA and we will answer any questions you might have. If we don't know the answer, we will contact the manufacturer directly. All this is to help streamline the order process and minimize returns and exchanges. THANK YOU!


Strictly USA understands that sometimes merchandise needs to be returned for a variety of reasons. If you need to return or exchange something, please email [email protected]. Please include your name, order number and/ or any other information you can provide and the reason for your return. We will then contact you with return instructions including an RA# (Return Authorization #) and shipping instructions.

When applicable, items should be in original packaging with all labels and tags attached. They should be in new/ resell-able condition. No refunds or exchanges on personal care/ personal hygiene items. If we make a mistake or the item is defective, we will pay for return shipping. If a customer changes their mind or doesn't like the color or whatever, they are responsible for return shipping. Upon receipt and inspection, a refund will be issued to the card on record. A 20% restocking fee will be assessed for ALL orders that don't involve mis-shipments, wrong item sent or defective products. In other words: if we goofed, you'll get a full refund, if not, a 20% restocking fee will apply. Size exchanges are not a problem provided correct size is in stock. 

We prefer for any return requests to be made as soon as possible. 30 days at the outside.
We support the specific manufacturer quality warranty on each item. These typically range from 60 days up to one year.

Please call or send us an e-mail if you have any questions on returns. In the end, we want you to be happy with your purchase.


SHIPPING IS EXPENSIVE: Some customers experience sticker shock when they see how much shipping is! So, let us say at the outset that shipping costs have increased dramatically. In short, shipping can be/ is expensive. We add no fees or charges above what the freight companies charge us.

Shipping Methods: 
Orders will ship to you directly from the Strictly USA warehouse (Denver, CO). Sometimes products are shipped factory direct or "drop shipped" to you straight from the manufacturer. So, if for some reason you don't recognize the sender name or sender is blank, don't worry--it's still an item from Strictly USA. The time frame for receipt of these items will be about the same as if coming from the Strictly USA warehouse. Nearly all orders are received within 3-5 business days. Weekends and holidays increase the delivery time.

Items under approximately 6 pounds are most often shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Very lightweight items (under 1 pound) will be shipped via USPS First Class mail which saves you money. Shipments over 6 pounds are shipped via UPS ground track.
USPS and UPS are both very reliable and efficient means of shipping. You will get your stuff and you will get it fast!

Shipping Tips: 
Order Multiple Products: Most of an items shipping costs are incurred in the first pounds so adding a few items to an order will typically make little difference in the total shipping cost. In fact with UPS there is a lot of room for additions and the increases are incremental. For example, it may be $22 to ship some towels that weigh 7 pounds, but that $22 fee won't change until another weight range has been reached. So a 7# and a 15# shipment may have the same $22 dollar freight charge which could same you big time.

Deliver to Work: UPS charges about $3.00 MORE for a delivery to a private residence than a business address. So, if possible have an item shipped to your work address to save on shipping. As an added bonus your package will be signed for by an actual person. You won't risk having your unattended package being stolen by "porch pirates".

Free Shipping: On many products or when possible, we offer free shipping. The shipping method will be at our discretion, but will normally follow guidelines specified above.


We are a happy to ship to our customers in other countries! Your order will get processed as a nomal order but wil not include shipping charges. We will then research the freight costs based upon the  dimensions of your product (size, weight) and the destination country. You will then be notified as to what your freight charges will be and instructed to purchase the freight via our Shipping Upcharge page. When this is accomplished, your order will be shipped immediately. If you decline to proceed with your order, your order will be cancelled and you will be refunded the entire purchase price.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot honor "free shipping" on orders outside the USA (international). Your order will be processed as described above and you may be eligible for a small shipping credit based on the size of your order.


In order to avoid headaches and hassles, Strictly USA offers FLAT RATE SHIPPING--ie, shipping charges based on purchase amounts.

$0- $24.99$7.00
$25.00- $49.99
$ 10.00
$50.00- $99.99
$ 15.00
$100.00- $149.99
$ 17.50
$150.00- $249.99
$ 22.50
$250.00- $349.99
$ 27.50
$350.00- $499.99
$ 32.50
$500.00- $999.99
$ 45.00
$1000 and over

As you can see--as the dollar amount of your order increases, so will the freight charges. Flat rate shipping generally works out very well. Infrequently, folks pay a bit more, but more often they wind up saving a little. If there is EVER a situation where you have overpaid for freight, we will gladly and immediately refund the difference back to your credit card. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding freight or if you want to purchase something but the shipping seems too high. We'd MUCH rather lose a few dollars and keep the customers happy. Contact Us!

There are exceptions to the flat rate rule:
**Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii (additional charges apply)
**Express Shipping (per customer request and additional charges)
**International orders

**TOWEL SETS: The flat rate shipping does NOT apply to the 1888 Mills towel sets and certain drop ship items. Towels are heavier and take up more room. Depending on where in the country you reside, shipping charges for towel sets will vary from the low to upper $20 range ($20- $29). Thanks for your understanding.

BOTTOM LINE: Our whole goal for shipping is YPWWP! Or translated-- "You Pay What We Pay". We NEVER try to make money off of shipping. Please note that no system is perfect, and sometimes customers wind up getting a higher freight charge than necessary. We normally catch these errors and issue an immediate credit. If we miss it or if you feel that shipping is too high, please notify us and we will investigate and if necessary credit your account via PayPal. You can also use [email protected] Please be sure to include your Order# if applicable.

SPECIAL REQUESTS: Please contact us should you have special needs, expedited delivery or packaging requests. We are happy to help in whatever way possible.


Out of state (non-Colorado) customers will VERY LIKELY not pay sales tax on their Strictly USA purchases.
Colorado customers will pay taxes as before and they will be more..about 8-8.5%.

Most of us take for granted that we don't pay taxes on our online purchases. It's been this way since the very beginning and it's something that all of us have come to expect. "Net Neutrality" has been the motto (leave us alone and don't tamper with our internet!).
We have been VERY fortunate...until now.

In 2018, the US Supreme Court in a landmark 5-4 decision has ruled that states can now force businesses to collect and pay taxes for online sales regardless of where the buyer and seller reside.To be clear, the Supremes didn't order that everyone must pay taxes for online transactions, but they opened the door for individual states to collect taxes if they so choose. Many states are all too happy to jump on board as it creates another revenue stream. Some states had already been collecting tax, some have implemented new rules to collect taxes and still other states are mulling it over to determine how they'd like to proceed. As a result, the collection of sales tax to this point has been very inconsistent--sometimes taxes will be charged, other times they won't depending on many factors. Also, the sales tax rate (%) itself is also varies widely and is dependent on the prevalent tax rate of the buyers jurisdiction (the buyers home state).

It's important to note that as time goes on, sales tax collection will be more commonplace and we'll see more online stores collecting tax when they didn't before. If you shop online to avoid paying tax, this strategy may not be so effective in the future. We highly recommend that ALL online shoppers be aware of sales tax and when they are being charged. Oftentimes, it's a small amount--a few dollars. But on a big ticket item, the tax will be a noticeable sum of money.

Whether or not an online shopper (buyer) get's charged sales tax depends on the sellers/ companies nexus to the state where the customer is located. Think of "nexus" as "relationship". Nexus (relationship) is determined by a companies gross amount of sales and/ or # of transactions within that state during a given time period. For example, if you purchase anything from a big company starting with the letter "A", you will most likely get charged sales tax for most purchases because now "A" themselves will have to pay sales tax there.

If it all sounds very complicated and confusing, it most certainly is. The cost and effort needed for a business to comply with these new sales tax rules is astronomical. The price tag for the tax software alone would put many stores out of business. It really does put an unfair burden on smaller businesses who are now thrown in with the big guys. That's one of the reasons why smaller businesses have been opposed and resistant to collecting sales tax.

There is some "good news" however. Nearly all jurisdictions, in response to small business backlash and to have a fair application of the rules, have set a threshold amount of sales and transactions which must be exceeded before collection of sales taxes will be required. For example, let's say a Virginia business (seller) sells an item to a customer in Minnesota. If the Virginia business does over $200,000 in business and/ or >100 transactions per year in Minnesota, then sales taxes will need to collected. Note these threshold amounts are determined by the individual states, but all require a pretty substantial relationship with the state in order for the sales tax to kick in.


How about purchases from Strictly USA?
Please note that Strictly USA does not (yet) exceed the threshold amounts in most states (they are pretty high) and therefore most out of state purchases will STILL be non-taxable. However, there may be a few instances where sales tax will need to be charged, most noticeably our wonderful American Blossom sheet sets and then only in certain states. In the end we will do our best to make sure the required proper tax amount is charged and collected if applicable. And again, this isn't our decision to charge taxes--we are just trying to be compliant.

All Colorado residents will pay around 8% -8.5% sales tax on all purchases made from Strictly USA.  There were TWO recent (2019) legal changes of which you should be aware. The first is that as of January 2019, City and County of Denver sales tax rates went from 3.62% to 4.31% per voter mandate apparently. Therefore a Denver customer will now pay 8.41% (4.31% + 4.1% CO) total sales tax on their purchase. The other change in Colorado effective January 2019, is that customers in ALL other cities in Colorado must now pay sales tax based on their jurisdiction in addition to the state base sales tax rate of 4.1%. Used to be that any non-Denver customer in Colorado would pay just state sales tax of flat 4.1%. But with the new law, they pay local taxes as well. Bottom line--all Colorado customers will pay around 8.0-8.5% sales tax on any online purchase from Strictly USA. We acknowledge and appreciate any inconvenience caused by these changes. Should you have any tax questions please contact us.