It's not always possible nor practical to carry some of the great Made in USA products available. We dig the following American companies and the fine products they offer. In EVERY case, we have personally used the products and dealt with the company directly. We recommend all of these products highly! We are NOT compensated in any way for these endorsements.
*Denotes products not 100% Made in USA. +Denotes not all products Made in USA

SELKIRK PICKLE BALL PRODUCTS: Selkirk makes outstanding Pickleball paddles right there in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Their equipment is the choice of may pros and top players. They incorporate many performance and cosmetic innovations into all of their products. When you watch their video you can easily see their commitment to "made in USA". Go Selkirk!

Makeup America!
Is the first American-branded premium color cosmetics company with a unique social purpose: paying down the U.S. national debt. The patriotic-themed products are long wearing, and exude the American Spirit by being cruelty free, paraben-free, non-GMO, and suitable for all skin tones. $1 from every product sold goes to pay down the $21 trillion dollar national debt. We at Strictly USA absolutely love the packaging, the great product names and are totally onboard with MakeUp Americas mission of course Check them out!
OSO Barbell Collars:
OSO barbell collars are manufactured right here in Frederick, CO of the highest quality materials and components, all domestically sourced of course. Their collars are incredibly durable and the performance is outstanding. Alex, the president and founder of Strictly USA, is an avid Crossfitter and uses Oso collars in his workouts. The weights stay on the bar even during the most strenuous WOD's. OSO is very committed to keeping it "Made in USA!" Yes.

These socks are awesome--very comfortable, they perform well and are very durable. They graciously sent several pairs for us to try and we fell in love with them. We regularly rock the patriotic socks in our workouts. They are super fun to wear on holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July. The customer service is outstanding. Note: the socks in the K Bell American Made line are made in USA w/ imported yarn which is why we don't sell them on Strictly USA.

This Minnesota based manufacturer makes mens and womens boots, moccasins, slippers and comfort shoes. Alex, the founder of Strictly USA, bought a pair of their bedroom slippers and they are absolutely outstanding. Incredibly warm, comfortable and great looking. They'll last forever. The footwear is somewhat pricey (my slippers cost about $115), but the quality and performance is unparalleled. What can be better then a high quality product using 100% American materials made by hardworking Americans like us!

That's me competing in the DAC triathlon several years ago--De Soto Sport tri-suit and race belt!
De Soto Sport based in San Diego, CA, manufactures and markets a full line of apparel and accessories for triathletes, runners and other endurance sport athletes. Besides all the pioneering technical innovations, very close to 100% of their products are made right here in the USA. The tags say so on every garment shipped. I have been proudly wearing DSS athletic apparel for about 20 years and it's incredibly well made and durable. Several of my pieces are going on 15 years old...and still going strong. With heavy use and washings. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Though we don't carry these wonderful tumblers at the moment, we may in the future. 100% Made in USA. They are very durable and hold up well in the dishwasher. Many designs and patterns offered, including several American/ USA patriotic designs. ass you can see on the right. They also make a 26oz. tumbler which you can't get from other makers.

Texas Jeans: Well we plan to carry Texas Jeans shortly, but for right now we feature them here. They make mens, womens, and kids jeans as well as other apparel. TJ is one of the very last blue jean makers in the US and they are proud of their American heritage. Give them all the support you can. And as they like to say...JUST SAY NO TO CHINA BLUE!

Made right here in Colorado, the JumpNRope speed ropes are the fastest in the world. Developed by world record jump roper Molly Metz., the key is in the jump rope handles which spin freely and without friction creating faster turns. JnR ropes are standard equipment for functional strength and Crossfit athletes (like me). They offer several models (see pic) and many accessories. Alex-president and founder of Strictly USA, uses the R1 coated speed rope (top left). The customer service and order fulfillment is outstanding.
PROPS: Have you ever been in a furniture or home furnishing store and noticed those "prop" computers and TV's made of plastic to add realism to the display? Those are PROPS and are made in USA. We just received the "phony" Ipad tablet to demonstrate our wonderful made in USA HandEHolder. Anyway, the quality is excellent and it looks very real. Top notch. If you have a need for a "demo" consumer electronic device, please check PROPS. They have TV's, stereos, PC's, tablets and smartphones.
Great prices too!


Channel Lock: American manufacturer of a wide range of high quality handtools, including wrenches, pliers and wire cutters of all types. Even the economy multi-packs are made in USA, which surprised even me! So if faced with a choice of a $5 chinese adjustable wrench or a Channel Lock tool made here for $10? A no brainer--buy American. It will work better and last longer! And you'll keep people working.
Currently, PocketTweez (foldable pocket size tweezers), based in Bend, Oregon currently has no reseller programs in place, so Strictly USA cannot carry them. Darn! This fine product has received incredibly positive feedback and most users swear by them. Small splinters, slivers, thorns, ticks..you name it and the pocketweez will pull them out easily and painlessly! Makes an AWESOME GIFT. $28 +s/h. Check site for any promotions or deals. Oh, and did I mention...MADE IN USA?Pocketweez
Hey...you could pair these with our made in USA POCKET EYES reading glasses and see what you're doing at the same time!

+RAGE FITNESS PRODUCTS Crossfitters and functional fitness fanatics rejoice: Many great functional fitness products made in USA. Check out the Rage med balls--awesome! And if you can do wallballs w/ the 30#, you're a better man than I!
Sock Cops: I love these things! It takes a few seconds before tossing the socks in the hamper, but guarantees no lost or missing socks later. Never hassle with matching up socks again. Sock Cops are little plastic clips which hold pairs together in the washer/ dryer. A 20 pack is about $10.

Poof Products and Slinky: Yes the Slinky! Still made in the USA. They also make various balls and other toys. Hats off to them. Great job. Strictly USA is an authorized dealer and will have their products on-board soon.

Spooner Boards: We're big fans of Spooner boards even though we don't carry them at present (more of a face to face retail store item) They recently sent Alex a BatBoard and he is having a blast doing 360's and kick flips in the house. He even took it to the local sledding hill to try--better to sit than stand! Strictly USA is an authorized dealer and we will offer these products soon. So parents, lets see...Get the kids out of the house, makes them exercise and teaches balance and coordination--what else can you ask for?

LIBERTY TABLETOP: Wow, can you believe it? Tableware that's actually made in USA! Liberty Tabletop is now the only manufacturer to still make tableware in the US. Many styles and sets available. We like the Lexington pattern ourselves. Liberty only sells factory direct at present, but we are told they might have a reseller program set up soon.

Sterlite Containers: I know, plastic storage containers aren't very glamorous or high tech. However I must give kudos to Sterlite for still making any kind of plastic stuff in the USA. I see it in grocery stores and believe they have it discount stores as well. Its competitively priced compared to imports and overall a quality product. Proof positive that companies can make products here, employ Americans and make a profit. Nice.