mid-April 2013 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter:
mid- April 2013

We simply couldn't wait until May to introduce you to these new products and re-introduce you to some other products that are great for spring and summer.

Introducing the Premier line. This is an 86% cotton/ 14% Polyester blend.The result is a luxurious, absorbent and  long lasting towel. The same high quality performance and workmanship that you've come to expect from our very popular Magnificence and Millennium lines. What we really like are the 5 subtle, yet vibrant colors, plus white of course. Our Premier 7 piece bath set is introductory priced at $56.00 (reg $62). Enjoy.
Being based in Colorado, Strictly USA would once again like to draw your attention to the excellent 100% Made in USA products offered by our Colorado suppliers. How about puzzles, water bottles and bike tube wallets? We are proud to partner with these great companies. Please help us support them, keeping money local and providing great jobs.

NEW PRODUCT: KAN JAM: Great new outdoor game!  Kan Jam is sweeping the country as the hottest new outdoor game. It's played with a disc and two cans (goals). Played with two 2 player teams (one thrower and one deflector), points are earned based on whether the disc hits the goal or goes inside. First team to get EXACTLY 21 points wins. Yes, its kind of similar to that other popular game you see. Except Kan Jam is lots more fun and is made 100% made in USA. It's a blast! Check out this video to see how it's played.

We are very dedicated and committed to the "buy USA" concept and have worked hard to make Strictly USA successful. Our next goal is a retail storefront location where Colorado residents can go to buy all their Made in USA products all under one roof. As a preliminary step, we seek an established brick/ mortar retail partner to allow Strictly USA to test market our products. All of the details can be found on our Craigslist Posting. If link doesn't work, please copy/ paste this url: http://denver.craigslist.org/biz/3716225238.html. If you are a Denver, CO area business and/  or you know a potential business owner--please have them contact us or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you./span>

NEW PRODUCT! Footlog We all need to take a little better care of our feet, right? The Foot Log foot massager works great and feels so good after being on your feet for a while or engaging in an activity. Perfect for hikers, runners, food service workers, postal employees. Anyone who's on their feet all day. Really it feels great anytime. Portable an easy to use. Very affordable and 100% Made in USA! Special introductory special--$18 (normal price $20) which goes until April 30, 2013. Oh yes, you might as well pick up our fantastic made in USA Range Roller "stick" massager (3 models) while you're at it. Full body relief for a fraction of the cost of a fancy massage. AEROBIE: Spring's here (except for Denver) and the parks are open for business! Don't be like those other guys with their Asian made discs. Fly cool with our Aerobie flying toys . These products are fantastic--fun and well made.Although they do require a bit of practice to throw and catch. The SKYLIGHTER  is our favorite here at Strictly USA HQ. It's incredibly bright on even the darkest fields and it flies straight and true! For indoor fun check out the made in USA Aerospin yo-yo. Performs much better than imported yo-yos costing twice as much. What a blast! Our Aerobie products have shipping costs built into the price. WRITE A REVIEW OR A TESTIMONIAL AND  GET 10% OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER:Hey Strictly USA customers: We need your help. If you are stoked with your Strictly USA product purchase, please write a review and save 10%. Simply go to the product page and click the "Review This Item" link. That will open a separate window. Fill in the form, choose your rating and leave your review. Email is NOT public. Be as brief or as detailed with your rating as you like.  Or perhaps you're very satisfied with some service you received...please send me an email or [email protected] detailing your opinion/ experience and I will place it on the Strictly USA testimonial page. 10% off here as well. When your review or testimonial is received, you will be issued a code you can use at checkout to redeem your 10% discount. This applies to everything, sale or no. Does not apply to previous orders. These options cannot be combined.MAY 2013 ISSUE: Look out for the May 2013 Strictly newsletter. We will be introducing several new products and will share our first product videos with you. They are currently in production. We think you'll like them!----------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you all for your patronage and support. Let's all keep buying Made in USA. Creating jobs and American prosperity the easy way. Best Regards, Alex H. Nedleman Founder/ President STRICTLY USA