"My Grammy/ Gramps Loves Me" Board Books
"My Grammy/ Gramps Loves Me" Board Books

My Grammy Loves Me & My Gramps Loves Me- Childrens Board Books

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My Grammy Loves Me!
My Gramps Loves Me!
Hmmm, I'll take BOTH Grammy and Gramps board books! (save $3) (+$11.00)
What a great opportunity for kids, parents and grandparents to bond in a fun way. A real book! Not a phone or tablet.
Grammy/ Gramps Board Books BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!
We are proud to offer these "kid friendly" books courtesy of acclaimed child author Jean Sousa. A nicer person you will never meet by the way!

So... what's a board book? Board books are smaller books where the pages are heavy cardboard rather than thin paper. This is so folks with little hands/ fingers can easily turn the page. Plus being heavier duty, they are easy to clean and can be wiped off if "someone" get's chocolate cookie on them!

These board books are 100% made in USA...which is almost unheard of in the board book market.  The books are focused on family relationships and bonding....so important in a child's formative years and now more important than ever. Don't you think? All the materials used in the books production are safe for kids including the ink and paper. Imported books? You don't know what you're getting and I'm not about to take a chance with a small child, are you?

This is a PERFECT gift for folks with infants or couples who just had a baby. When you get one of these board books, it really shows that you care. And that's big!

Great kids book for the young ones. Made in USA. Author Jean Sousa
Limited Quantities of each title available.

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