Muggies: Beverage/ Can/ Bottle Holder- NEW PATRIOTIC PATTERN! Made in USA.

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Check out these new and improved Patriotic Muggies in red/white/blue Scribble Pattern. In addition to the good looks, the inventors also added beefier retention bands so Muggie is more secure than ever. Wait! What's a Muggie? The Muggies clever design let's you put a "handle" on any of your favorite canned or bottled beverage.

Works on bottles, cans* and some metal cups like the Yeti mugs. A sturdy elastic "shock" type cord holds all beverages securely while the rubberized grip is easy to hold and comfortable as it forms to your hand. The best part? Your drink will remain cooler longer as your hand doesn't touch the beverage.You can use Muggie at parties, BBQ's, social gatherings and restaurants. Really wherever you want.

Your Muggie is a great icebreaker too--you'll get a lot of attention and "where can I get one's"? And when they ask that question, you say "Strictly of course"!
****Please see installation tips below!

All parts of the Muggie are sourced in the USA--Illinois & California we're told--and the finally assembly by the husband/ wife team and their employees in Texas. All said this fine product keeps many Americans working all along the line.

Give the Muggies a try, we use ours all the time and we get frequent questions and compliments. You'll really stand out and you'll enjoy your drink of choice all the more.

Muggies comes in patriotic Scribble pattern. Very limited selection of solid colors in stock.
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: We realize the Muggie is a tight fit at first, so....
Place beverage on counter.* Hold Muggie vertically over bottle and slip lower elastic loop over neck. Grasping loop on both sides while keeping bottle stabilized, push down on lower loop so it goes around fat part of bottle. Push down until it's about 1/2 inch from bottom. Now take the top loop and repeat the procedure. This time you don't push down as far. Just so long as it's snug on  the bottle. The space between the two loops can be adjusted to find a comfortable holding position. Just make sure Muggie is secure and can't slip off. To remove, simply reverse procedure.
* If counter is super smooth or slippery, place a dishtowel under the beverage.
* Muggies are designed to work on cans, however beverage makers are making their cans so incredibly thin walled that the cans literally "crumple" when installing the Muggie. So, check your can--if the sidewall seems sturdy, go for it. If the can dimples easily, don't use the Muggie!
5 Stars
Thanks Muggie
Thanks Muggie for saving the day. My mom uses a porta potty next to her bed and a rigged up a Muggie strap on the side of her Porta potty to hold her toilet paper rolls. It is the best thing ever! It’s tight and it holds two rolls. Every time she goes to the rehab or hospital they ask me where I got the toilet paper roll holder? I really don’t know where it came from but I could’ve sold a hundred of them. The medical supply company told me they would carry them in their store.
Reviewed by:  from Weatherford texas. on 4/18/2021
5 Stars
Excellent handle. Will last forever.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Millsboro. on 1/11/2020

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