Strictly USA is a mature yet very small and (always) growing company. We're only as good, make that great, as the products we sell. Are you an American manufacturer? Do you have a made in USA item that needs exposure? We are always looking for cool 100% made in USA products to carry on our site. Before submitting a product or website to us for consideration, please keep the following requirements in mind.
  1. Product needs to be 100% "Made In USA" and should have a printed "Made In USA" on the label, tag, package or item itself. "Assembled in USA..." or "Made in USA of imported materials" or anything similar will disqualify an item from being considered. There can be no qualifications.
  2. Product is safe to use and of high quality.
  3. Unusual and/ or unique commodity items are DEFINITELY encouraged.
  4. It would help if products were somewhat "senior friendly" (There... happy, mom?)
  5. Fun products encouraged. Whole family participation--that kind of thing.
  6. No nutritional supplements will be considered and/ or recommended due to safety, health and efficacy issues.
  7. No MLM products of any kind. We deal only with OEM's or their legally designated distributors. 
  8. Please no jewelry or custom arts/ crafts items. While these may be made in USA, they are too narrow in focus to have broad appeal. We're looking for commodity items. Stuff we ALL use everyday as we go about our business.
If your company has a great made in usa product, please contact us and enclose pictures and descriptions. SAMPLES are also encouraged: We are NOT trying to cadge free goods: we DO want to learn about your product and see how it wears and/or performs before we sell it. In fact, if we're interested, we will gladly purchase a sample (at wholesale cost) for product testing purposes.

Please also include any marketing data, target demographics, product position, competition, unique features, etc. And info or bio on company would be helpful and appreciated. Flexibility in partnering with a smaller start up would be great as well.