Rada Cutlery

Congratulations on your purchase of 100% Made in USA Rada Cutlery.
Here are some tips on how to care for your knives to make them last longer and stay sharper.

INFO: Rada Cutlery blades are stamped from high carbon stainless steel. Stamped blades will be lighter than forged blades so naturally will not have as much heft. We choose various widths of blade steel depending on the size and purpose of the knife. A major advantage of the Rada Cutlery stamped blade is that we hollow grind both sides of the cutting edge and sharpen each blade one at a time on a grinding wheel to provide the final cutting edge. You can really tell when a forged knife dulls because it dulls to a blunt edge. Rada Cutlery's hollow ground blade steel hold their edge over time and it is easy to quickly restore the cutting edge with the sharpener of your choice, just so long as its the handy-dandy Rada sharpener.

TIP #1: It is recommended that you always hand wash your Rada cutlery. Of course they are dishwasher safe, but the company tells us that some microscopic pitting can occur on the blade edge when run through the dishwasher. This could effect the sharpness of the knife.
Ed Note: We have been using our Rada cutlery well over 5 years and have put items in the dishwasher many times with no negative effects. Still, we mostly hand wash.

TIP #2: Periodically (every 2-4 weeks depending on use) run your Rada cutlery over the EASY TO USE Rada Knife Sharpener. Just 4-6 light strokes over the sharpening wheels should do it. This helps maintain a razor sharp edge and reduce any potential mishaps from dull blades. NOTE: Keep strokes light, don't press down hard or you'll remove too much metal from knife.

TIP #3: This applies to the Nylon Non-Scratch Utensils: These utensils are heat resistant to a point, but do not leave them resting on a cooking pan or pot. They can, and do melt. It's not silicone!