Skwoosh Office Support w/ 3d AirFlo--So comfortable!
Skwoosh Office Support w/ 3d AirFlo--So comfortable!

Skwoosh Gel Office Support w/ Air Flo 3d- Made in USA!

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SKWOOSH� OFFICE SUPPORT cushion with TekPad® FLUIDIZED GEL and Air-Flo3D� breathable fabric is perfect wherever prolonged sitting triggers back and leg discomfort. The office cushion�s TekPad® fluidized gel works to reduce pressure on the spine and to provide relief where it is needed most - under the weight bearing �sitz� bones. The posture enhancing design helps to maintain proper posture while seated. It has a cool, breathable fabric top and a non-skid bottom to keep it in place while in use. The OFFICE SUPPORT cushion fits all office chairs from executive size and shape to working steno models. There is no better help for lower back discomfort, enhanced posture, improved circulation and pressure relief than the SKWOOSH� OFFICE SUPPORT cushion.

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