Get a handle on your phone w/ Steady Strap.
Get a handle on your phone w/ Steady Strap.

Steady Straps- Never Drop Your Phone Again! Made in USA

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Steady Strap Design
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Get SteadyStraps®, the first and only smartphone grip strap with no adhesives built for every day, everywhere use through all your activities. It’s fully ergonomic, designed for one-handed use and full-screen thumb-touch, streamlined, secure, and flexible. And because there’s no adhesive, you can easily swap out your SteadyStraps® at any time to match your mood, your activity, or your message.
NOTE: Your phone needs a case to be able to use Steady Straps.

Comfortable & adjustable elastic grip

• No adhesives

• One-handed full screen thumb reach

• Super thin (<1 mm) & pocket-friendly

• 100% Wireless charging ready without removal

• Easy on / easy off installation

• Secured by strong Velcro® Brand fasteners

• Washable, long-lasting, non-allergenic material

• Straps through case's camera & charging ports

• Compatible with most smartphone cases

• Sourced & Made in USA

*Does NOT work on waterproof cases, silicone sleeves, or phones without a case*

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