Tadpole Tape Cutter- Tape Dispenser/ Cutter 3 pack Made in USA- NEW!

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Feb. 2023: As of right now, we believe the Tadpoles have been discontinued. Waaaah! However, we'll keep this item live until we know 100% for sure that they are unavailable. We're very sorry. We absolutely love the tadpole tape cutter and this is a bummer.

 Yes, "tape management" is a thing! No more wasting tape, uneven tears and being unable to find the end of the roll. The Tadpole Tape Cutter is a simple tool for effortlessly cutting tape and works on all tapes of tape. Applications include:  moving, shipping, painting and more. In fact, we here at Strictly USA are now using this daily as we ship our American made products all over the world. The goal is very simple: an American made product that is easy to use, lightweight and costs less than a few cups of coffee!

You'll receive 3 separate Tadpole Cutters in 1", 1.5" and 2". This should cover most tapes used around the house including shipping/ packing tape.

TTC is very easy to use, but comes with instructions and / or watch the video posted here.

Tadpole Tape Cutter *Combo Pack (3 pack) includes: FREE SHIPPING
* 1 inch cutter
* 1.5 inch cutter
* 2 inch cutter
All these sizes should cover virtually any size tape that you may use around your home.

We also have individual Tadpoles if you think you'll use one size more often. $8.00 each unit w/ FREE SHIPPING.
Specify 1", 1.5" , 2"
Examples: Electrical tape takes 1" Tadpole,
Some painters tape and masking tape take 1.5" Tadpole
Most Duct Tapes, most Gorilla Tapes, TRex tapes and nearly all Packing/ Shipping Tapes take 2" Tadpole
5 Stars
A great idea and three great tape cutters
You can choose which size tape you are cutting with the three sizes. These cutters will cut any tape: duct tape, painters tape, or electrical tape. A great product.
Reviewed by:  from Salem, Oregon. on 1/10/2018
5 Stars
Makes Cutting Duct Tape Easy
The Tadpole makes tearing off a piece of duct tape really easy. I read a couple reviews on other sites that it was hard to put on/remove from a roll of tape. I did not find that to be the case at all.
Reviewed by:  from AZ. on 12/27/2017
5 Stars
Very useful tape dispenser/cutter
I loved using my new Tadpole Tape Cutters. It was so easy to use and far less cumbersome than other bulkier tape dispensers.
Reviewed by:  from Portland. on 2/8/2017
5 Stars
Great for shipping and home projects
Okay--a shameless plug! But at least you know we TEST our products before offering them to you! This is Alex, CEO of Strictly USA. The tadpole has proved remarkably useful for shipping packages and for dispensing duct tape and electrical tape for DIY projects. The owner of TTC is extremely dedicated to made in America and of course we support that fully. Try it!
Reviewed by:  from Denver, CO. on 10/6/2016

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