1888 Mills Magnificence New Towel Instructions

New Towel Instructions (quick version):

Wash towels BY THEMSELVES before first use and DON’T USE LIQUID FABRIC SOFTENER (see below) on the first or any subsequent washings. Dryer cloths may be used in the dryer after several washings to prevent static.

New Towel Instructions (long version):

1) Wash the towels with detergent two times by themselves, without other clothes, in warm water.  In the rinse cycle (preferably warm) add approximately 1 cup of white distilled vinegar that has either been diluted in a pitcher, or pour vinegar in the wash tub only after the rinse water level has filled up. 
***NEVER add liquid fabric softener to washER. 

Using fabric softener is one of the worst things you can do on a new towel because fabric softeners coat the surface of the terry with chemicals that make the fabric hydrophobic. Meaning the towel will REPEL water instead of absorbing it which will lessen towels ability to dry you off.

2) After the second wash, place the towels in the dryer WITHOUT fabric softener cloths.  The towels may have some static, but they will be more absorbent.

3) Although not recommended, you can use your towels first without washing them, but they will be less absorbent. This is due to the finishing process at the mill. However after you wash them a few times, the absorbency will return to normal and the towels will be softer too. And you may use fabric softening CLOTHS in the drier to prevent static cling. You may notice some minor color  “bleeding” as excess dye is washed away. THIS IS NORMAL. Don’t worry.


4) Here’s another helpful hint: If you hang your towels to dry over a shower curtain rod, make the sure the shower curtain rings/hangers don’t have sharp edges or hooks which can snag towels and create runs in the fabric.  Yes, we learned this the hard way.

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