August 2013 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter: July 2013

July 4th/ Independence Day:
As we get ready to celebrate July 4th/ Independence Day with our friends and families, it's important to reflect on what this holiday means. Basically it celebrates our independence from foreign rule and the establishment of our sovereign nation.

But are we really independent? Over the last decade, our reliance on inexpensive imported goods has skyrocketed as our factories have closed and many jobs have been lost. Think about it. In every area of our life, we rely heavily on imported goods. Other countries clothe us, wake us up in the morning, help us prepare meals, furnish our houses, provide our kids with toys and games, entertain us, enable us to communicate, allow us to play sports and more. More disturbingly, an increased amount of imported food/ produce is making it's way into our grocery stores. And perhaps the worst in my mind--we relied on other countries to outfit the United States Olympic team in London 2012. We can't even clothe our own athletes! Actually, that's not quite true: we can easily outfit our team head to toe, but the head decision makers in shady backroom deals decide to go with imports to save money and boost profits. Short sighted and greedy. It's shameful.

Bottom line, while our independence has been achieved on one front, American citizens are at the mercy of other countries to supply us with many of our daily needs. It's a very sad and potentially dangerous situation.
99% of what we wear everyday (shoes and clothes) is IMPORTED.
So, we ask again...are we really independent?

Won't you join us and support American manufacturing by purchasing American products whenever possible. You can buy your 100% Made in USA items here or somewhere else--just do it! Businesses like Strictly USA exist to make it easy and hassle free for you to obtain the highest quality American made products. Please contact us if you need help locating something we don't carry. We are always ready to help.

And remember: you're not spending more money, just  DIVERTING DOLLARS YOU ALREADY SPEND into American made products. On your next shopping trip, try and buy at least one American made product. It all helps.

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You can now use your Facebook credentials when registering and purchasing products from Strictly USA. During the buying process you will have the option of using your Facebook information to help fill in the forms. This will hopefully make it easier for initial and subsequent orders. We will also allow you to share your great made in USA purchases on your Facebook page.
Or, you can do things the old fashioned way.

NEW PRODUCT: American Tuna: Did you know that all the top tuna brands are imported? You now have a choice. We are proud to offer you outstanding 100%  American tuna. This is pole caught albacore tuna from the waters in the pacific Northwest by American fisherman! The cans are US and the labels are US. We offer 12 can cases of American Tuna in unsalted and sea salt varieties. Each can is packed with 6oz of delicious tuna. No draining needed and a whopping 42g of protein in each can. Okay, there will be some "sticker shock", but once you try it, you'll agree. Plus you know where it comes from--here. Here in the USA !

Last chance to save on all our patriotic products.

Our sale on Strictly USA Patriotic Products will end on Sunday July 7th, 2013. This will give anyone one last chance to save on flags, lapel pins, t-shirts and more that they were not able to purchase before the 4th of July holiday.
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We've all paid our cold winter dues and now it's time to get outdoors and enjoy the sun, fresh air and warm weather. Here are some awesome product ideas as you, your friends and families head out to the mountains, lakes and parks. Enjoy! We have thoroughly tested and approved all these products!

Thank you all for your patronage and support. Let's all keep buying Made in and forever. Creating jobs and American prosperity the easy way.
See you next month!
Best Regards,
Alex H. Nedleman
Founder/ President STRICTLY USA