February 2013 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter: February 2013 (a bit late:-))
Note: Due to recent mail server difficulties, some of you may receive this newsletter multiple times. Please forgive us. Thanks.

Strictly USA.com has now been open one year. Can you believe how time flies? Anyway we have grown slowly but steadily and grow on we do. We predict only great things for our humble little business. And we are very proud of what we do. We want to thank all of you-- our family, friends, supporters and customers for helping us get started. As a reward for your patronage, we are offering great savings on overstocked items and even 10% off on our super popular 1888 Mills towels!

We want you to KEEP READING, but if your antsy, you can FAST FORWARD TO STORE SPECIALS. But do return for some interesting reading.

When I tell people about Strictly USA, they often say "Good for you!" And I always reply "No, good for YOU, me and for every American citizen". It's sounds trite, but it's the truth. One big thing I have learned over the past year? Buying American products is one of the most important things we can do and is in many cases not so difficult or expensive. Notice, I said WE CAN DO. This is something you and I can do every time we shop and it makes a big difference. More and better jobs, stronger domestic output, MORE tax revenue, less reliance on cheap imports and best and most important of all...restoring our middle class which has taken a HUGE hit in recent years. We don't have to wait on government or legislators, stimulus packages or fancy financial maneuvering. Our plan sounds so simple, right? And it is, it really is.

Believe it or not, here are official rules and regulations regarding the handling and flying of the US Flag...here are a few plus some factual tidbits:
  • Betsy Ross was a local seamstress and though she got credit for it, there is little proof that she actually sewed our first US flag. She was a convenient choice at the time. But still, what an honor.
  • The blue area where the stars sit is called the "union".
  • 9 rows of stars (6-5-6-5-6-5-6-5-6)
  • 13 stripes (7 red, 6 white) to symbolize (I think) the original 13 colonies
  • Torn and/or dirty, tattered American flags should be disposed of properly, preferably by burning, but also can be brought to any VFW branch for disposal. AND THEY SHOULD BE REPLACED!!
  • Flags should be taken down and stored every night. Okay, I don't do it either! But, it really is supposed to be done.
  • US Flag Lapel pins should be worn on the left lapel close to the heart.
  • A US flag flying upside down is a sign of "distress"

In addition to the product specials spread throughout our store, we are offering a very temporary 10% discount on all towel purchases. The discount is only good on our wonderful made in USA 1888 Mills towels and towel sets and can't be combined with other offers or coupons. The discount is applied automatically at checkout and you will see the savings immediately. Don't delay on this special deal--it won't last long and will not be repeated anytime soon.

You will find BIG additional savings on the following overstocked items:

NITE IZE IPHONE 4 BIO CASES: Great Iphone 4 cases BELOW COST AND FREE SHIPPING. Available in blue, black, "One Planet...One Chance" and "Not made in China" designs. $12 for solid color bio case  and $14 for design
bio case. Both prices include free shipping. Base price is BELOW our cost. I-Phone not included.
HANDEHOLDERWhat a great product! Stop worrying about dropping your Ipad or other tablet. A safe and easy way to hold your tablet and work at the same time. Great for anybody on the move like sales reps and field personnel! On sale for $34, normally $42.
Ipad and/ or tablet NOT included.

AEROBIE: Save now on our great selection of Aerobie flying toys and yo-yo's. These products are fantastic--fun and well made. The SKYLIGHTER disc is bomb! What a blast playing at night! Shipping is INCLUDED in the product SALE price.

BISON DESIGNS COLLARS/ LEASHES: Made in Longmont, CO. Several different styles of leashes and collars, including the very patriotic "Stars" pattern. And you always save more by buying a collar and leash together.

GAMEWRIGHT PUZZLES AND GAMES: Fun games for kids and adults alike. Choose from Rat a Tat Cat, Scrambled States of America and Vocabulary Jigsaw Puzzles for the very young.
All on sale
"Buy American" T-Shirts: These soft comfortable 100% cotton Platinum Sportswear shirts are certain to make people sit up and take notice. Large flag graphic with the words "Buy American". Small text at the very bottom says "www.howtobuyamerican.com". Not our site, but an affiliate and partner. Great shirt though. All sizes: S-2XL. $18 w/ free shipping

Hey Strictly USA customers! Standing offer to save 10% on your next order. Either submit a product review by clicking the link on a product page or if you're happy with service, send in a testimonial via
email ([email protected]).

When your review or testimonial is received, you will be issued a code you can use at checkout to redeem your 10% discount. This applies to everything, sale or not! Does not apply to previous orders. These offers cannot be combined.
THERE IS NO EXPIRATION DATE. You can do this anytime. Thanks.

That's about it for now!
Thanks for reading and keep buying American!
Alex H. Nedleman--President and Founder Strictly USA