February 2014 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter: February 2014
***This newsletter is dedicated to my Crossfit coach, elite competitor and friend, Kevin Ogar, who recently suffered a serious spinal injury during a competition. We're all pulling for you Kev and you're in our thoughts.

It's our birthday!
February 1, 2014 will mark exactly two years since we opened our "doors" and began selling our excellent made in USA products to people around our country and throughout the world! It has been a lot work and we have had to overcome many obstacles and challenges. Growth has been slow, but steady. Like you, we're proud to support American manufacturing and help power the economy with our purchases in so many ways. We're still pretty small, but compared to those early days we have come a long way and are planning for bigger things in the future.

To celebrate, we are offering 10% off everything in our store from Feb 1, 2014 through Feb. 9. 2014, even on our super popular 1888 Mills towels. As always, due to agreements with some of our suppliers, certain products cannot be discounted.

The 10% discount will be figured automatically at checkout.

TOP COR PRODUCTS: Choose from the tech wallet which attaches easily to your smartphone and holds quite a lot of cash, cards and other stuff. Or maybe the Clipa which can hang your bag/ purse virtually anywhere. Or the simple No Chip Clip keyring for your keychain. Outstanding, high quality products that will be appreciated by anyone. The Tech Wallet RULES!  I have not used my "regular" wallet once in the last 3 months.

Buying Made in USA: Easier than you think!

When I tell people about my business for the first time, many are skeptical and ask if anything is in fact still made here. This lack of belief is understandable--so much of our manufacturing has gone overseas along with millions of jobs and millions of dollars. However, we are happy to report that there are many, many products still made in America. Sometimes they are hard to find. That's why businesses like Strictly USA exist--to make shopping for made in USA easy. We've already done the work.

In addition, while out shopping, you can literally "stumble" into American goods. In the last few weeks, I was surprised to find made in USA socks at Target and wonderful made in USA skillets at Tuesday Morning. You bet I bought both products!

Bottom line: American products are out there and they can be obtained with a little effort and patience. If it says made in USA...BU IT! If it doesn't...DON'T.

NEW PRODUCT : Muggies: Say goodbye to beverage coozies. A very unique gift for anyone who enjoys cold beverages. Turn your can or bottle into an easy to handle mug. Holds bottle can snugly and keeps beverages cooler longer (hand doesn't touch the bottle). A great conversation starter. Alex, the Strictly USA chief takes his everywhere--gatherings, parties and restaurants. All components are sourced in USA. The Muggie is made of water ski rope--made in Chicago!


ResQMe: Emergency Auto tool.

Gear Ties:organize cables/ cords

Bio Case for IPhone4--

No Chip Clip:Easy to use key rings.
Tugo: Luggage beverage holder

Pocket Eyes: The only  keychain reading glasses. Indispensable.
Croakies::Eyewear retainers--Great!
Hippo Tape
O'Keeffe's::Foot and Hand Cream:wonderful and it works.

EZ Duz-It Can Openers--Works great and made in USA!


We wanted to remind you that our southeast Denver showroom is open for your last minute holiday shopping. You will find a great selection of American/ Colorado made merchandise featuring Dbox, Aerobie and Stuffington toys. Also, Bison Designs dog leashes and collars, Green Guru bike tube accessories, Zeroll Ice Cream scoops, Gamewright Toys and West Paw products dog toys. Really--you can find something for everyone here.

Please call us at 303.523.9939 for hours and location. All payment types accepted. PLEASE NOTE: Not all products  are available in the showroom.






Thank you all for your patronage and support. Let's all keep buying Made in USA...now and forever. Creating jobs and American prosperity the easy way.
Stay tuned as we continue to add more fine, high quality made in USA products.

Best Regards,
Alex H. Nedleman and The Strictly USA Team