June 2012 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter: JUNE 2012

Hello Friends,
This month we have Dads Day gift ideas, new products, shipping info and other important tidbits. Here goes:
Here are a few ideas for Made in the USA gifts for Dad from Strictly USA.
Or just browse around and see what you can find! Guaranteeing on time delivery for Fathers Day at this time is difficult but we can work with you on possible solutions.

Finally a "Buy American" t-shirt that actually is made in USA. Available only in white, but pictured in black because we don't have a picture of the white one yet. Just pretend the black is white. Sorry. Very cool  100% cotton so maybe size up. Very cool shirt and lets people know you mean business! **Not shown:there is small lettering under Buy American that says "www.howtobuyamerican.com."They are an affiliate partner that supply the shirt.

. Everyone will have a flag this year, so order yours today! Windsocks are a very cool and hip alternative! Flags available in 3x5, 4x6 and 5x8.

Strictly USA will have a double booth at the Colorado Experience Expo to be held June 22-24 2012 at the Western National Conference center here in Denver, CO. The focus if this event is Made in Colorado products and companies. We will have most of our goods out in force, including products from 6 or more Colorado manufacturers and of course products from throughout the USA. We are very excited about this and request that you please support and attend this great event. Sales will generate taxes for the City of Denver which will be use for all kind of projects that benefit us Denverites.

NEW PRODUCT: Dbox: A challenging new puzzle game that is totally addictive as you try and solve various puzzle combinations. Dbox is unique in that it allows YOU to come up with your own solutions. Proudly made in Boulder, CO, USA. Comes with instructions, etc.

Strictly USA
has instituted FLAT RATE shipping which is based on the dollar amount of your order. This is a simple and fair solution to what can be a complicated challenge. Sometimes you will pay a tad more and sometimes less, but it balances out. Please visit our Strictly USA Made in USA Customer Service Page for more info.

NEW PRODUCT: Made in USA American Flag Pin: There are many of these pins all over the internet, but it took some effort to find some actually made here. Anyway, here is the 100% made in USA American Flag lapel pin. Reasonably priced at $6 (shipping between $1 and $2)

We recently picked up an All American, made in USA, Pinwheel at the local grocery store where they were selling for $.79 (on sale). At the same time we picked up a Chinese version  of the American pinwheel which was selling for $1.99! The Chinese version was both poorly made and also did not spin when placed in the yard. The USA made version is very well made and spins like crazy in the slightest breeze. You should see my yard with the 12 pinwheels all spinning at once....its...breathtaking (jk).

PRODUCT: Nite Ize Gear Ties: These coated rubber "twist ties" can be used to secure all type of cables, wires and cords. Very handy, colorful and easy to use. Made in Boulder, Colorado USA. Great for household, yard and camping. Available in lime, blue and black in 3,6,12,18 and 24" lengths.

Strictly USA offers a "will call" option for Denver area customers so they can pick up their orders at a convenient location and save on shipping. Still have to pay taxes though...sorry gang! **This is limited ONLY to stock on hand. Please use the made in USA Strictly USA Contact Us page if you have questions on this.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! AND AS USUAL KEEP BUYING USA!!! Please keep your comments and emails coming. Your feedback/ suggestions are appreciated.