March 2012a Newsletter


Strictly USA Newsletter: MARCH 2012a


Most shopping experiences, as you know,  are a huge disappointment when it comes to finding anything made in the USA. However, the other day I had some free time and was poking around Goodwill (looking for MIU TV trays actually). Anyway, as I turned over various household products as I normally do, I noticed many were made in the USA, even electrical items. There was a coin sorting machine that filters the coins into those coin wrappers—made in USA. Also a Chefs Mate knife sharpener— also made in USA. I briefly checked out the clothing aisle. Here too…sweatshirts, jeans, and other articles made in America. I even saw a Disney sweatshirt —made in USA believe it or not.  (Ed note:
As of this writing nearly all Disney branded stuff is made overseas .)

It was very surprising and bittersweet. Good news because it shows we have made these great products before and can again. But sad to note that nearly all of these great products are now made overseas.

We frequently get asked what to do if someone wants a USA made item, but can't find it anywhere. Strictly USA (and other USA retailers) recommend thrift stores like Goodwill when you want an MIU specific item that can’t be found anywhere else and where that specific item does not necessarily need to be brand spanking new. You are protecting the environment, creating jobs and satisfying your hopefully undying need to own something made in USA. So, good for you!

FEATURED PRODUCT: Range Roller sport massage stick. This is a relatively new product for us. For any athletic endeavor--roll over tired muscles and notice how much better
you feel. Aids in speedy recovery. I use mine daily.


Dollar Stores such as Dollar Tree, Family Dollar…They may as well call them “Made In China” stores. Anyway, it is still possible to buy American at these stores. The other day (scouting around again), I noticed hand lotion and other personal care items made in USA. Even better: they have a whole greeting card section with all types of cards made by Tender Thoughtsall made in USA! And 2 cards for $1! That’s win-win in my book.

WARNING: Now, this is Alex talking…I don’t want you making a habit of shopping dollar type stores as the vast majority of stuff is made overseas. However, saving money while buying American is definitely NOT a bad thing.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Pocket Eyes: These micro pocket size  reading glasses are truly remarkable and they fit into a pouch that attaches to your keychain. I use mine all the time. Great in restaurants and waiting rooms.

As I source out fine American products for Strictly USA, I learn a lot about all types of companies. Especially various eco and green manufacturers. A lot of these supposedly green and ecological companies have their products made in China or Taiwan. And we already know that there are ZERO environmental controls in these countries and there is little or no regard for the environment. The level of pollution is horrific. So yes, they may tout these products as recyclable, compostable, earth-friendly, made of reclaimed materials etc. but the fact they are made in places with little environmental safeguards, more than negates these environmental positives. So, almost by definition they would not be considered "green". You can buy whatever you want in the name of green—just so you know what it is that you’re buying. Check out our Green Toys, Jade Yoga Mats and Preserve Products--all made in usa and these companies really exemplify green practices.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Brooklyn Bagel Slicer. Cut your bagel in half smoothly and safely with no danger of cutting your fingers or hand either! invented by a father/ son team in NY. Very cool invention.

 Coach Purses:
LADIES: Do you know where yours is made? For the longest time, Coach handbags, purses and other Coach products have come to represent the highest quality, top end merchandise and elite goods for many Americans. And all Made In USA.  A real status symbol. Recently though, things have changed. Maybe you don’t know, but nearly all Coach stuff is now made overseas, mainly in China.

Over the past month or so, I have stopped women in various settings and asked where their Coach purses are made. A lot of them are 100% convinced its made in USA and scoff at any notion to the contrary. However, when they look at the little tag sewn on the inside, the ugly truth is revealed: “made in china”. To add insult, it says exactly “Carefully handcrafted in China”. Really?  Kind of tarnishes the image doesn’t it. Coach bags are VERY pricey too. This applies mostly to recently purchased Coach products. We realize that older bags/ purses will have been made in USA. Hold onto those, ladies!

FEATURED PRODUCT: Ladies Fip-Flop. Its almost that time of year ladies. Stroll around the pool or beach or health club in these stylish, super-comfy, MIU sandals. Guranteed your friends will want a pair. and probably more than one! They come in several colors.

Yes, yes I know I’m Mr. “Buy Everything American”. But there are obviously cases where you don’t want things made here. When I buy a Swiss army knife, I want it to be made in Switzerland. I want my Volkl skis made in Germany. And if a miracle happens and I find myself buying a Ferrari, I hope its Italian made. Or a Porsche in Germany. Italian loafers…Italy. And even I demand my Dale (pronounced Dah-lee) sweater be made in Norway. French wines? Same thing. And obviously any product with bamboo will not be 100% USA made. (bamboo doesn't grow here silly)

FEATURED PRODUCT: Hand-E-Holder Ipad gripper. Folks that own an Ipad please raise your hands. Good, I thought so. Check out this device for holding your Ipad. Practical, convenient and able to swivel 360. Comes with a stand--MADE IN USA! Will fit on all versions of Ipad.

Thanks for tuning in. Keep buying USA! Alex