March 2012b Newsletter


Strictly USA Newsletter: Mid-MARCH 2012

Welcome to Spring 2012! Its getting warmer and time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. We have a few "made in USA" observations and we would like to introduce you to some of our new products now available at Strictly USA,com.

First off, I wanted to thank the many people who have been supportive and encouraging to me as I get Strictly USA going.  Starting and growing a business is a very tough and humbling experience. And there are many challenges to overcome. It is easy to become discouraged---yet, all the supportive emails and compliments really help. So, thank you all. We're very confident that the "made in usa" shopping movement is going to take off and be with us for some time. And this is to EVERYONE'S benefit. People really dig the "made in usa" concept!

ASPEN GROVE: Aspen Grove is a very cool outdoor mall located close to Denver and they are pet friendly which is awesome. Anyway, I went to the Eddie Bauer store and told the sales gal I wanted to buy something made in USA....any shirts or shoes or clothes or anything! She said yes, we have some shirts. She was wrong...we could find only one webbed belt in the WHOLE store--very sad! They used to have a ton of stuff made in all imported. The "Build A Bear" store was disappointing as well--all the bears, outfits, stuffing, accessories...everything China. We used to make toys in this country...
So, you're saying...Alex, where do we get USA made stuffed toys? Read on my friends...

NEW PRODUCT: Stuffington stuffed animals: These are among the very very few stuffed animals still made in the USA. High quality and durable. We have coyotes, owls, billy goats and of course, teddy bears. Show cats too! And if you really want the camel--we can get it for you. Some models come in different sizes and colors. The prices are very reasonable when compared to the imported goods. And you know your purchase of a Stuffington toy helps support American manufacturing and employ many American workers. In this case--Phoenix, AZ.

AMERICAN APPAREL STORES: Well, I have previously seen these stores when I'm out and about--I assumed AA was more teenage, "state of the art" fashion stuff with the loud thumping music--you know what I mean. Anyway, when I was visiting Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, I thought I'd pop in to see what they had "made in USA". I was shocked and very pleasantly surprised...almost ALL the clothing is made in the USA. Right there in their LA factory. They have some really nice stuff for all ages. I scored a polo style shirt and a long sleeve v-neck pullover. The prices are excellent--in most cases  lower than department stores. Except the underwear, which I found a little pricey. WARNING: They DO play that pounding industrial music in the store--wear earplugs! WARNING #2: The modeling pictures on the website are pretty racy, so be prepared.

Check it out for yourselves...if you need clothes, make this your first stop. Might as well buy USA right. American clothes= American jobs! I'm certainly a fan now.

NEW PRODUCT: Facemate Computer Monitor Accessory: This monitor accessory is a clever way to organize all those post-its, photos, documents and notes that most people tape to their monitors. The FaceMate is sleekly designed (made of a silicon like material) to stretch over the corners and edges of your flat-screen monitor, hugging the frame like a skin. FACEMATE’s bands hold will securely hold your important items against your monitors frame.  It’s easy on, easy off. No glue. No sticky-tape. No damaging hardware.  FACEMATE® transforms your monitor into your personal billboard. It’s your space so personalize it with a FACEMATE®!  I'm getting a sample in the mail--can't wait to try it out.

Check out this interview  on FOX business with Steve Case -he's the founder of America Online so I think he knows a little about being an entrepreneur. Very informative. He says DOUBLE DOWN on Entrepreneurship to get this country rolling again. We couldn't agree more--boosting the US Economy and  creating jobs. Are YOU going to help us "double down" on small business? You'll notice the interviewer continually interrupting Mr. Case trying to provoke him into entering a political debate and political conjecture. Amusing?

Okay, that's about it for this installment of the Strictly USA news brief. Thanks for checking in. Please check out Strictly USA's Facebook Page  and our NEW PRODUCTS PAGE. Stay tuned for more great new products and other made In USA news. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or comments please use the Strictly USA contact page  or email us directly at [email protected].