March 2013 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter: March 2013

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Okay, we've heard all about it. The looming budget cuts and that hated word... sequestration. What it all means and what our leaders are going to do about it, is still very murky at the moment. But. let me tell you, my fellow economic patriots, WE can do something about the budget. Quickly and easily. Admittedly, buying American can't address and fix every challenge we face, but it can help with our countries budget in several MONEY SAVING AND MONEY MAKING ways. Here are a few:

* Making Money: By buying American goods rather than cheap imports we keep a lot more money in this country (many billions of $). This money is used many different ways, fuels the economy, adds jobs and overall enriches our standard of living. Our country is then able to support our many important departments and social services.

*Saving Money: By buying American as shown above, the money which stays in our country lessens our need to rely on getting loans from other nations to run our country. Fewer loans, means fewer interest payments servicing those loans which saves our government money (billions again) over the long run.

*Making Money:
Governments main source of income comes from tax revenues. When we buy more made in USA products, we increase sales revenues of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers...even small businesses like Strictly USA. All this extra sales activity helps generate substantial tax revenues for state and local governments. So, now government coffers are full, not empty, which lessens, even eliminates, the need for the kind of severe across the board budget cuts we now face.

* Saving Money: When we manufacture our own products AND buy those same products, we generate tremendous economic activity for our country. More jobs, better wages, higher income, better benefits. All through the multiplying effect of domestic manufacture. Incomes rise and people prosper. Over time, this rise in standard of living will lessen the need for such drastic government subsidies as have been made available since the recession began over 5 years ago. This reduction in demand would enable municipalities to realize substantial savings.

THE BEST PART: WE can implement OUR budget plan right now. No meetings, legislation, bipartisan bickering or burning the midnight oil on Capitol Hill.

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That's about it for now!
Thanks for reading and keep buying American!
Alex H. Nedleman--President and Founder Strictly USA