May 2012 Newsletter

Strictly USA Newsletter: May 2012

Hello Friends,
This month we have Moms Day gift ideas, new products, New Balance running shoes, Strictly news and some very interesting "by the numbers". Here goes:
It's May, the weather is warming up and wow, Mothers Day is almost upon us. Here are a few ideas for Made in the USA gifts for Mom.
Or just browse around and see what you can find! Guaranteeing on time delivery for Mothers Day at this time is difficult but we can work with you on possible solutions.

NEW PRODUCT: American Beauty T-Shirts--Carmela and Lori from American Beauty are firm believers in the made in America cause. They have great looking American Beauty Womens tees (comfortable and great fitting). We have some totes too. Made in USA of course. Several customers have already raved about these shirts.

Strictly USA will tentatively have a booth at the Colorado Experience Expo to be held June 22-24 2012 at the Western National Conference center here in Denver, CO. The focus if this event is Made in Colorado products and companies. I think Strictly USA will fit right in...don't you?

NEW PRODUCT: Bully Tools long handled garden tools. All 100% made in USA. Very high quality. You'll have a lot of Americans backing you up when you shovel dirt or mulch or fix your sprinkler heads.

I often get the question: are any running, athletic or sports shoes made in the USA? 99.99% of all athletic shoes sold in the US are made in China or Vietnam, etc. However, hats off to NEW BALANCE--they DO make several running and walking shoe models Made In USA and several other models which are Assembled in USA. There is a difference as the MIU standard is much more strict. Alex, the prez of Strictly USA, recently bought some honest-to-goodness Made In USA New Balance 1060 running shoes at Boulder Running Company in Greenwood Village, CO. The price would rank about 70th percentile of all running shoes out there. In other words 30% of other (foreign made) shoes would cost more. The NB's are great and the quality is outstanding.
Thanks to NB for keeping factories open and Americans working!
TAKE A LOOK AT THE NEW BALANCE FACTORY VIDEO: Click the "made in usa" video link at the top of the page.


16,000,000,000,000- Latest United States National Debt in US $$

 50,000- Per person share of national debt  in US $$

700,000,000,000- US Trade Deficit in 2011 in US $$

13,000- Lost American Jobs for every $1 Billion in trade deficit

2.6- The US unemployment rate if we had back all those jobs lost in the last 10 years (in %)

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! AND AS USUAL KEEP BUYING USA!!! Please keep your comments and emails coming. Your feedback/ suggestions are appreciated.