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Washington Park Profile piece on Strictly USA as found in the May 2012 Edition written by Paul Kashmann. 

We’re not generally fans of internet-based businesses, urging our readers to “Buy Local” whenever possible, but locally-based Strictly USA got our attention. The brain child of University Hills resident Alex Nedleman, Strictly USA features a broad range of products that are made entirely – as the name infers – in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Nedleman’s inventory of some 200  products currently includes a variety of footwear, kitchen gear, flags, yard and garden items, fitness products, toys, computer accessories, personal care items, bath towel sets and more, with new items coming on board weekly. A deal to carry a line of American-made blue jeans is in the works.

“Why is ‘Made in the USA’ important?” said Nedleman. “Jobs and economic growth. When we buy American products, we support American manufacturing. The US will not prosper as a service-based economy – we need to bring manufacturing back.”
For information, call 303-523-9939 or visit strictlyusa.com.

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