President/ Founder Alex H. NedlemanALEX- PRESIDENT/ FOUNDER
Alex H. Nedleman
Alex founded Strictly USA in late 2011 because he, along with many others, was tired of seeing jobs and money going overseas and along with it, Americas middle class and our future. Strictly USA exists to give American shoppers the choice to buy American and provide an easy and fun way to do so. American products= American jobs. Guaranteed--it works!

Alex has a very diverse and extensive professional background in a variety of areas,
including retail sales/ management, merchandising, operations, outside sales, field management and even IT.  He has worked in the manufacturing, DIY, grocery, sporting goods and health club sectors.This broad and diverse background has been absolutely indispensable in running his made in USA store.

When not performing virtually every function for Strictly USA (LOL), Alex is a freelance writer/ online content editor and engages in various other paid "gigs" on a regular basis. All this to keep the lights on! He is also an accomplished competitive Crossfit athlete having participated in the 2018 CF worldwide open competition, 2019 Next Olympic Hopeful Challenge and various other competitions. He also enjoys Pickleball and participates in many other outdoor activities. this is Colorado after all! Alex is also very proud that he founded and ran a popular social activities Meetup Group, Something Besides Bars, from 2014- 2019. The group
was very successful and boasted over 4000 active members at it's peak. Alex makes his home in the University Hills area of Denver, Colorado with his wife Laura (pictured below) and their energetic and fun loving border collie, Spirit (also pictured below).  Alex has also recently begun to skateboard again and frequently hits some of the local parks. He prefers half-pipes and bowls.

In addition to being Alex's very significant other, Laura assists us with product selection and testing as well as brainstorming of all types in our efforts to always be creating a better Strictly USA. She is also spearheading our efforts to improve our marketing and create/ maintain a better social media presence. Laura draws upon her many years as a highly successful and in demand PMP (Project Management Professional). By day she is a project manager for DISH network here in Denver. She enjoys her role steering and managing projects from the planning phases through execution. For recreation, Laura enjoys working out, playing Pickleball, hiking and camping. Anything outdoors. Also cooking and baking--conjuring up all kinds of tasty treats. Laura has an incredible voice and plays guitar--she has a gorgeous Taylor 714CE guitar--made in El Cajon, CA by the way. Foinally she is a very devoted and loving mama to our baby girl Spirit (pictured below)

Although Hudson doesn't really help out at Strictly USA anymore, he deserves a mention as he helped us load all of our products onto the website way back in the beginning. It was tedious detail oriented work and we couldn't have done it without him. In addition, he has filmed all of our product videos and taken quite a few pictures for our website and Facebook.

Spirit- VP of Pet Products

VP Pet Products
Spirit (a 16 years young Border Collie ) is Vice President of our Pet products division. She is responsible for the procurement, testing and R&D of all 100% Made in USA pet products carried by Strictly USA. She swears by the Quiet Spot tag silencers.